The Holiday Must Have-The Perfect Gift that Last 3 Years!

The Holiday Must Have-The Perfect Gift that Last 3 Years!

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Pret A FleurEternal Roses New York

Everyone loves flowers. They seem like the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. But in spite of being the most beautiful creations of nature, their life-span once plucked, is very short. Most of the flowers wither and die within a week. A beautiful floral bouquet or a flower arrangement spreads joy, beauty, fragrance and color only for a very short time after which they are thrown away. But what if we tell you that we have flowers that last for 3 years? Pret A Fleur-Eternal Roses New York is one of the leading flower gifting companies that sends eternal flowers to your near and dear ones. Eternal Roses New York, “eternal“ because these flowers are a gift for a long time as they retain their elegance, freshness and fragrance.

A gift that keeps on giving – The Perfect Holiday Gift

PretA Fleur-Eternal Roses New York have a beautiful way of preserving these nature’s wonders in a way that they remain fresh, beautiful and fragrant. These flowers easily become a permanent décor for your homes and when you gift these to someone, they quintessentially become gifts that keep on giving. You can send flowers to your mom, boss, clients, loved ones and children for special occasions or holidays.

About Us:

It was an entrepreneurial vision designed at making Prêt-à-Fleur®New York a gift and décor brand that is more enduring than what traditional florists can offer, while still providing the freshness of natural roses.  Carefully selected, these roses undergo a natural preservation process where the blooms are immersed in a patented blend of plant-based formula and preserving substance.  This results in truly spectacular and special roses that require no watering or sunlight, while maintaining their beauty and freshness for up to 3 years. The roses meticulously hand assembled into our centerpiece arrangements or into our selection of gift boxes. The ceramics used in our centerpieces are elegantly textured and glazed ceramic earthenware hand crafted by artisans in Asia.  We strive every day to create the most elegant and stylish pieces to fit any and all spaces. For more info on our beautiful flowers and gift ideas

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