The Greatest Way to Create Your Own Indoor Crop Garden

The Greatest Way to Create Your Own Indoor Crop Garden

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Due to the fast increase of population most of the people today are living in housing complexes and therefore are denied the pleasure of owning their own home gardens. So if you are a person of that type, best grow tents on the market are a good option that will allow you to have your own garden, and give you some home grown vegetables too. So here is a brief description about the method.

What are growing tents? And how do they work?

These growing tents are most of the time rectangular shaped, six sided tents that are supported by a metal frame. They are made externally by a fabric material which has an inner reflective surface. They also have number of holes and vents for the electrical wires and air tubes to enter and leave the tent. Some even come with viewing windows, which you can use to take a look at your crops without disturbing the internal environment.

These tents are able to provide all the necessary requirements for the plants to grow like light, air, nutrients and a growing medium etc. Instead of using soil, hydroponic grow tent types consist of a hydroponic medium rich in nutrients and it’s the one which you will grow your plants on. Simply put they are an artificial environment for the plants to grow.

Why are they so popular?

Growing tents allow you to cultivate any kind of crop throughout the year. Even if you live in a country that does not support a typical variety of a plant in natural soil, using this method you can grow it in your home garden without any trouble using these tents.

It provides 99% protection against microbial attacks if the tent is handled with care, and your crops will not be affected by any external environmental conditions like rain, draught, as long as you can provide the tent electric power.

Points to remember when using a growing tent

Most growing tents are enclosed by a zipper which you can open and close when you enter the tent and leave it respectively. A greater care should be taken when dealing with the zipper because if it breaks, your crops would be exposed to normal air containing microorganisms. So to avoid this you should avoid breaking the zipper teeth. Finally you should also take care not to damage the tent material when you are working with sharp tools like hand rakes and diggers.

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