The Casement windows, sound Proof Structural Features and Options

The Casement windows, sound Proof Structural Features and Options

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Would you love some new level of tranquillity into your living space? Well, casement windows offer high levels of comfort and security to hotel guests, workers, and homeowners. If you are an investor, you can also add them to your rental apartments to give your tenants the best. The natural silence makes every space a palace for the person occupying it; no outside disturbances.  Choosing the best of these windows will help you in achieving a dramatic reduction in noise, more than even what you would get from standard double glazing. But there’s more! Here are other interesting facts on casement windows, soundproof options.

Choose From Their Wide Variety of Options

You will come across different varieties of soundproof casement windows. Each style is tailored to suit your needs as well as to follow the five critical architectural traditions. The most popular designs include:

  •    Conventional flush
  •    Cottage flush
  •    Tilt-turn
  •    Deco
  •    Contemporary flush

They Use Strong Hardwood Timber Frames

Hardwood timber frames offer stable support and durability. The last two and a half times more than plastic. They are weather-resistant, they don’t warp, and they’re quite energy efficient. You will love how they turn your building into a piece of art, thanks to their magnificent look. Besides they are also easy to repair plus completely biodegradable.

They Reduce Close To 40 Decibels (Db) Of Noise

By now, you might be asking yourself, how much noise can a casement window reduce? So far, the most sold casement window is the 40dB silent option. This value is rather impressive considering the ‘normal’ single glazed soundproof window only reduces 25dB of noise. Besides, some companies are even working on a 45dB model which is in its last stages of testing.

Casement Windows, Soundproof Replacement Options

Typically, home decor companies will create new windows based on a few scenarios. Therefore, it’s essential that you understand exactly what you want. The choices available for you are as follows:

  • A ‘like for like’ or similar replacement- Your current casement windows are replaced with an improved soundproof window
  • High-performance replacement- If you are living in an area where there’s too much noise, go for the enhanced casement window soundproof option.
  • Secondary windows- If you can’t change the existing window, for one reason or the other, a secondary window can always come in handy!


In the past, casement windows added a sense of sophistication in any home. Their finely detailed gothic arches and lattices made them unique and attractive. Today, they are more of a contemporary option. However, if you love some peace especially after a long day, then you need to install such new structures.

Apart from quietness when locked, the windows allow a gentle breeze when open. So, your home will feel fresh and silent especially at night when you want to catch some quality sleep. These windows are the natural way to turn your home into a haven of calmness whenever you want to have some excellent time without noise interference. With the above casement windows and soundproof tips; you have an excellent place to start.  

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