The Bosch 3000 Security System

The Bosch 3000 Security System

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The Bosch 3000 security system is ideal for your house. It comes with ease of use and flexibility. It has added features that were not available in the earlier models.

By this article, we will see what the highlights are for this product.

Wired & Wireless Zones

The Bosch 3000 gives you the option of 16 wired or wireless zones. This means that you can have your protected zones as either wired or wireless zones. The panel can accept any combination of this. This is a great flexibility.

The zones can have a variety of devices like motion detectors, smoke detectors etc.

Two Operational Areas

You can have two areas from where you can program. This means that you can separate two areas for which you can have different programs. You can have one for the house and another for the garage etc.

You can disarm the garage from the panel in the house when you go out. Once you are out of the garage you can arm that area also. You can also program in such a way that one area is always armed, and another is armed only in the night.

Night Mode

If you set the alarm system in night mode, all areas except the sleeping area will be armed. So, you can move about in the sleeping area without triggering the alarm, while all the other areas will be ready to alert you if there is some movement.

Options For Monitoring

There are multiple options for monitoring using the Bosch 3000 is the best Commercial & Business security alarm systems in Melbourne.

There is the normal mobile phone alert. It can be programmed to send alerts to three mobile phone numbers. There will be a siren that will be heard by the person attending the phone, telling them that an alarm has been triggered. This requires an analog telephone line. It works with select VoIP phone lines.

Using the analog phone line, it will send an alarm to the service provider. This can be done through mobile phone, by opting for a wireless interface. This means that the service provider is also immediately alerted.

Additionally, the Bosch 3000 security alarm systems can send a text message to 5 numbers of your choice. The message can also be customized by you in the way you want it. You will have to provide the sim card for this facility.

You have an optional Bosch Communication Module. The advantage of purchasing this is that you can arm or disarm the system using your mobile phone and the Bosch app. You can also use this to receive alarm notifications to your smartphone.

The Package

The Bosch 3000 comes with a backup battery that will ensure the functions of the system during a power outage. There is also the backlit LCD panel that will give you the information about all the zones and protection.

There are three infra-red motion sensors which are almost safe from false alarms. There are also two super loud internal sirens with the system and an external siren and flash strobes.

The Bosch 3000 security alarm systems have everything in it to protect your home completely.

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