The best materials to build a long-lasting roof for your house

The best materials to build a long-lasting roof for your house

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When you are planning to build your own house, you need to be concerned about a lot of things and materials and their installation – right from the floor to the walls to the roof. While the standard materials for floor and walls are easy to choose from, it is important that the right materials are chosen for the roof as that is the main point of entry for all the sunlight and water from rains to enter the house.

Considerations for the right roofing

Along with the right materials, each person has his/ her own budget while building the house. It is an expensive affair, and yet, it is essential that the right thing is done so as to avoid multiple expenses in the future due to low quality work around the house which gets damaged easily. Homeowners need to, therefore pick between the more affordable and high-quality options for the building.

Regarding roofing, the most affordable roofing options include asphalt, metal, wood, clay, and tiles among others – in order of affordability. However, while an asphalt roof might last only 20-30 years; metal roofs last longer than 50 years and hence become a more durable option for homeowners with more limited budgets. On the other hand, clay and tiles are more expensive than metal, but they last even longer.

Selecting the right roof before selecting the coating

In order to reduce the cost of roofing, one can go for a flat roof vis-à-vis a pitched roof as it is not only easier to install but also cheaper to install but are more difficult to maintain. It would, however, not be feasible for all homeowners across the country owing to the varied weather conditions that they face throughout the year.

The consideration to picking the right roofing option should be dependent on multiple factors – weather, cost/ budget, aesthetics, durability as well as maintenance among others.

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