The Best Luxury Scented Candles for Each Room in Your Home

The Best Luxury Scented Candles for Each Room in Your Home

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The art of aromatherapy through scented candles dates back to thousands of years ago. At the height of the Egyptian empire, it was known to dramatically change one’s mood and elevate one’s well-being. Modern science has since shown that such transformation occurs as chemicals in the brain react differently to various types of smells.

That is why having luxury scented candles in your home goes beyond simply freshening up the smell of your living spaces. When suitably selected, aromatherapy can help reduce stress, insomnia and muscle tension. Whether you want to maintain focus in your home office, relax in your bedroom, or keep everything smelling fresh in your bathroom, here are the best scents for each room in your home.


The bedroom is your private space to relax, to spend quality time with your significant other, and to sleep. It is essential that only handpicked fragrances are used in your bedroom.

If you are looking for fragrance options that induce and promote sleep, try lavender as it can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, slowing the body down. To enjoy a restful slumber,  try lighting up a vanilla-scented candle during bedtime. Likewise, luxury scented candles in jasmine, rose and sandalwood all evoke warmth and comfort.

Home Office

As a place where productivity and focus are essential, your home office is an incredibly important room. Therefore, you must bring in a candle that gives off a scent which stimulates and conveys just that.

Quite surprisingly, the scent of peppermint is a fantastic option to ensure you stay energized, even on those days when you are feeling a little lackluster. Next time you are looking for a candle for your workspace, try a sharp peppermint one. Additionally, lemon scented candles also work well to reinvigorate and activate cognitive functions.


Your bathroom rituals can set the tone for the start and the end of each day, so it’s a must to make it look and smell good at all times. When purchasing fresh scented candles for your bathroom, look for ones that inspire and exude an invigorating and clean smell.

Fresh linen and ocean scents are always considered foolproof clean smells. However, fruity, citrus scents such as lemon, peach and orange are other not-so-obvious options. As bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, keep the fragrance light and minimal.

Living Room

As that part of your home which probably receives the most number of visitors, your living room should feel and smell fresh and welcoming.

To create a relaxing environment, purchase light and soft-scented candles such as those with floral smells, or sweeter scents like vanilla and honey. Alternatively, for a more upbeat and fun vibe, buy candles with fruity scents like passion fruit, wild berry or even caramel.


Without a doubt, your kitchen is the hardest to suitably pair with luxury scented candles. You need to strike a balance between masking kitchen odors and combining smells without inducing any headaches or producing weird odors.

Purchase scented candles that complement familiar and natural kitchen smells like the scent of fresh herbs. However, if you are looking to eliminate strong odors from food preparations, then opt for citrus smells such as lemon, lime or orange.

The smell of your home

Before purchasing scented candles, consider how you want to feel when you walk into your home, or into a room. Do you want to be impressed by the fresh aroma of a clean house? Or do you crave an instant comforting vibe? Perhaps you are seeking relaxation, or you wish to feel invigorated?

It’s all up to you, and with the right fragrance it’s all possible. To keep each area of your home smelling fresh and lovely, keep these pointers in mind when shopping for the best luxury scented candles for your home.

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