The Best Fireplace Mantel Designs For Your Bedroom

The Best Fireplace Mantel Designs For Your Bedroom

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Bedrooms and fireplaces literally go hand in hand with each other. Fireplaces in bedrooms emits an ambiance, keeps you warm on winters, and appraises your home décor skills. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, ranging from a wall-mounted electric installation to ultra-modern vent less displays. However, a typical fireplace mantel is both old-fashioned and timeless, and would definitely add to the grandeur of your room. And in literal senses, it also turns up in heat in the bedroom. You know what we mean. *wink face*

  1. Wooden Fireplace Mantel

Showcased in Cherry with a Red Mahogany finish and a Praline Travertine facing kit, this exquisite collection of wooden fireplace mantels at Omega Mantels is both exotic and romantic. Installed with an adorned screen, it is quite easy to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with a leading-edge quality decorative trim, crown moldings and carvings that complements the rest of your furniture and architecture. What is even better is, it is surprisingly affordable, and are fashioned to fit with any décor.

  1. Stone Fireplace Mantel

If you have a taste of modern and contemporary designs, the neat and sleek lines of the Palermo have a finishing with polish and it seems quite masculine. Cast stone mantel pieces are a lightweight alternative to a solid stone mantel piece. Also, they are quite easy to install. Omega Mantels provide you a variety of options to choose from, their stunning mantel pieces are practical as well as great in a honed dark grey. The bolder models available on their website is fashioned in such a way that it helps in creating an everlasting impact.

  1. Marble Fireplace Mantel

If you want a European touch in your room, you can choose a marble fireplace mantel. Marble adds gold to the luxurious feel that cannot be replaced by any other material. Marble fireplace mantel pieces are precisely hand carved and they cast a classical look. The varieties available on Omega Mantels are white, black, beige, green and many more. Rest assured the quality of these mantel pieces is exquisite and unique to the core. They are the perfect piece of an architecture of a house to drift off to bed thinking about.

So, what are you waiting for? Redecorate your bedroom by installing a fireplace and its accomplice—mantel, to create an everlasting impact in your dwelling.

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