The Benefits of Anti-Bacterial Paint

The Benefits of Anti-Bacterial Paint

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The presence of bacteria in the environments we inhabit is always going to be a cause for concern. Whilst there are bacteria everywhere, some types of bacteria are far more harmful than others with the prospect of us becoming seriously ill a real possibility after exposure to them.

Anti-microbial paint is a great asset in the fight against bacteria and disease that easily spreads through high traffic public environments. In this guide, we’re going to explain how they work as well as the many benefits they bring.

How Does Anti-Bacterial Paint Work?

Such products contain a specific set of active ingredients which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, germs and other organisms as well as kill them once they come into contact with painted or coated surfaces.

Most are said to kill 99.9% of bacteria including some of the most dangerous which include MRSA, Staph and E. coli, all of which are very dangerous if contracted by humans.  

Use in Hospitals

One of the most beneficial areas for the use of anti-microbial paint is hospital environments which usually feature a significant amount of sick people. It is for this reason that hospitals are always the source of significant breakouts of MRSA and other dangerous superbugs.

People in hospital are usually weaker than healthy people which also makes them more susceptible to the effects of such bacteria, often resulting in death or other serious health complications.

Anti-bacterial paint used in healthcare environments is designed to;

  • Provide a sterile environment which makes the growth and spread of harmful bacteria much more difficult.
  • Protect both the internal walls of hospitals as well as medical equipment and other surfaces.


Schools are another breeding ground for germs and bacteria as children are more susceptible to illness than adults. Add to the mix a range of personal hygiene habits and you have the perfect recipe for lots of bacterial outbreaks.


Similar to schools are nurseries with the difference being that very young children such as toddlers are even more susceptible to germs than older children. For this reason, creating as sterile an environment as possible is key to ensuring the safety of everyone who regularly comes into contact with nurseries.

Public Transport

Trains, busses and planes are a common breeding ground for bacteria because of the sheer amount of people that use each method of travel on a daily basis. Many passengers will be suffering from colds and the flu as well as having many differing attitudes to personal hygiene.

All of this results in surfaces which harbour bacteria that can be transmitted as soon as they’re touched. Anti-bacterial paints and coatings applied to handrails and other surfaces is the perfect way to limit the spread of such harmful bacteria and germs.

Making Use of Anti-Microbial Paint

All industries can be benefit from protective paints and coatings designed to combat bacteria. Global Hygiene Services is one of many companies that can supply anti-bacterial paint products, designed to help you protect your environment. There are also several other manufacturers so we recommend collecting as much info as possible to ensure that you buy the right paint for your needs.

The proper use and application of anti-bacterial paint is the perfect tool in the fight against illness and disease.

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