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Whether you want to build a roof over your patio or install a new orangery as an extension of your property, translucent roofing will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without the frustration of Australia’s hot summers. These durable, long-lasting roofing options make spending time outdoors more enjoyable for the entire family and they add real value to the property as an additional benefit particularly attractive to families in search of a forever home. Since the materials used, specifically fibreglass, are exceptionally strong and cost-effective, you may even have room left over in your budget by the time that you complete your project.

High Durability

Paterson Supplies translucent roofing is one example of a beautiful material that will not only stand up to the intense Australian weather but also nearly any other type of wear and tear that it may experience during its lifetime. This highly durable material will thus allow you to see your investment returned over time simply due to the many years or even decades that you get to enjoy the roofing before the inevitable need to replace it with freshly manufactured panels. Although no material for roofing will last forever, the materials used in translucent roofing will last just as long or longer than those used in the installation of your home’s primary roof.

Cost-Effective Options

Since translucent panels for a roof are cost-effective by nature, you have your pick of the available options without risking your ability to stay within budget, which is incredibly important if you want to enjoy many years of use from your outdoor area. These roofs allow you to extend your living space outside your property and make spending time on your deck, in the pool, or enjoying drinks with friends easy and enjoyable without exception. It is for this reason, among others, that you truly receive the best possible value in return for the price of this new installation to your home.

Aesthetically Beautiful

Translucent panels for exterior roofing solutions simply look modern, sleek, and attractive to those who visit the property for any reason and this aesthetic appeal will also help you to increase the opportunity to sell your home in the future. If you choose not to sell your home, as many homeowners do, the addition to your property will increase its value over time and allow you more equity to release if you should ever have the need. At the end of the day, you simply receive more out of your property when selling or releasing equity if you take the time to improve it in positive and attractive ways and you will certainly become the talk of the neighbourhood after installation.

Improved Safety

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees before 07:00 on some mornings, the ability to install translucent panels will allow you to dramatically improve your safety when spending time outdoors. These structures will effectively block the majority of UV radiation put off by the sun so that you may finally enjoy a bit of free time outside your home without rubbing on three layers of high-SPF sunscreen for your protection. That said, remember to take precautions when temperatures are unusually hot.

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