Subway Tiles: Using Ceramic To Create Wonderful Walls

Subway Tiles: Using Ceramic To Create Wonderful Walls

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Subway tile, as the name suggests, is modeled on the classic wall tiles that lined the New York City subways of the early 1900’s. Subway tiles became popular far beyond the underground network, with designers finding that the unique tile-style works just as well in many rooms throughout the house.

For homeowners looking to use subway tile, ceramic is a wonderful material that satisfies many décor dreams. It’s a very durable substance that is resistant to staining and damage from water or other spills. Ceramic is also incredibly easy to clean with soap and water and requires minimal maintenance, and therefore is a great choice in heavily used bathrooms or kitchens.

Ceramic tile can also be produced in a wide variety of patterns, including subway tile with its familiar rectangular shape. This means that subway tile can be made in whatever colors and styles might be required, with whatever finishes – including sloped or flat edges – are desired.

One example of a popular design available for ceramic subway tile is using a simple beige color with same-sized rectangular tiles with sharp, straight edges. This type of tile looks great surrounding kitchen fixtures and fittings like a stove or other appliances. Using a grout of a darker shade than the tiles will also help to make the tiles stand out more.

Alternatively, use white ceramic subway tile with an undulating pattern – meaning that the surface of the tile has a wave-like appearance moving from one side to the other. This type of tile is great for the backsplash in a kitchen – the wall behind the stove that catches spills. The mere ease of cleaning ceramic tile makes it a great choice for kitchen backsplashes.

Or consider using ceramic subway tile with a beveled edge, which is a style that slopes slightly at the edges. White ceramic tile with this kind of finish is an attractive option for subway tile, and the neutral color also pairs well with many colors of kitchen fixtures and fittings.

Ceramic subway tile also works well in bathrooms; consider using an all-white tile in a herringbone pattern, which is designed in zigzag shapes to resemble fish bones. This eye-catching design can be a great choice for lining the walls around a bathtub or shower, with the benefit of being easy to clean up and maintain, making it ideal for a bathroom design project.

Another option for using ceramic subway tile in the bathroom is using gray tiles in large rectangles of the same size – an approach that is ideal either for small design projects like backsplashes, or larger projects such as covering the entire wall or multiple walls of the bathroom.

The five styles described above are just a handful of ways to use ceramic subway tile to give the perfect finish to a bathroom or kitchen. But the options extend far beyond these designs, making subway tile a great selection for tiling a room regardless of what the project demands.