Stump removal Techniques

Stump removal Techniques

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When cutting down trees, we always don’t the remove the whole of it. However low the tree is cut, part of it will always remain in the ground.

Well, sometimes the roots of the remaining stump usually dies and then starts to decay and sometimes, the stump might again start growing to produce a new tree. Either way, removing the stump or leaving it will always depend on the owner of the place.

But if you decide that it is time to get rid of it, the following methods will be of help. Click here to see more on these techniques.

  • Using chemicals

You can always use some chemical products as a method of doing away with the tree stump as they help to facilitate the rate at which it will decay.

When you look closely at these chemicals, you will notice that most of them contains potassium nitrate since it really helps in fastening the process. When the stump has already decayed, you will now have an easy job of removing it without using much energy.

The process usually involves drilling of some large diameter holes into the stump and then pouring the chemical solution in to them after carefully mixing it with a little amount of water.

The stump should then be left for a while to give room for the chemical effects to take place after which you will need to use some tool like an axe to break the stump piece by piece until the whole of it is gone.

When using the chemical, make sure the children and the pets stay away from the stump or the area of work to avoid any accidents.

  • Using a tree stump grinder

You can also go mechanical and use a stump grinder to remove that stump that has been bothering you. Just make sure that you are putting on some protective gear when doing it mechanically.

Don’t just cover your body and leave your face exposed as small chips from the tree stump might enter your eye and cause much complications. If you choose to go with the stump grinder, before you start to work, ensure that you first clear the area from any rocks and debris that might be around the stump for safety purposes.

You should then remove a huge chunk of the stump using a chain saw. The cutting should happen closer to the ground and then later use the grinder to finally remove the stump.

If you don’t have the machines to be used, you can always hire them at any store dealing with garden supplies near you.

  • Removing it manually

Well, since us humans always prefer an easy way out, I wonder if anyone would attempt going for the manual method. Anyway, if the stump isn’t that big, you can just remove it manually.

However, don’t try to remove the stump with the roots still intact. This will only take much of your time and energy which isn’t necessary.

You can start by digging around the stump to expose the major roots and cut the off using an equipment like a circular saw or an axe. The wider your trenches are around the stump, the easier it will be for you to cut off the roots.

  • Using fire

This is also one of the common methods that people use to get rid of tree stumps. Just like using the chemicals, you will also need to drill large diameter holes in to the stump and fill them with fuel.

Remember not to use gasoline as it is not safe. After filling the holes with the fuel, either oil fuel or kerosene, leave the stump to stay for a period of about two weeks for the stump to soak.

When the wait is over, just light each hole and wait as the stump slowly smolders and eventually you will be able to remove the stump.

  • Doing nothing

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that sometimes the tree stumps are left to rot and completely decay.

This is also known as the natural method of stump removal. This method is usually suitable to be used where the tree stump in question is not too big. Follow this link to see more on stump removal methods


I might not know the reason why you would want to get rid of the tree stumps in your home but honestly they usually don’t look good when left just like that.

They might be inconveniencing you when it comes to ease of movement from one place to another.

Anyway, if you find it difficult to remove the stumps on your own, contact a professional stump removal company in Evanston IL and get your problems sorted.

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