Storage ideas for small homes & apartments

Storage ideas for small homes & apartments

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Do you have a small apartment or home? Managing the clutter in a small space can be a tedious job. When you fill your small home with a lot of items, it naturally starts appearing cluttered and heavily unorganized. As such, it is important to ensure that you store only a few items in your home that are of utmost importance.

While de-cluttering your home might be a great idea, here are some of the top space-saving storage ideas for smaller homes, apartments, and small spaces:

  • Add Shelves Above Doors: Adding additional shelves all across your small apartment might seem a great storage hack. However, determining where exactly to place them is the real deal. You can consider the vacant spaces above the doors of your home wherein you can fix a proper storage shelf. Even if your apartment or home consists of a few hundred square feet areas, there are higher chances that at least 2-3 doors will be perfect hosts to the extra storage shelves for your home.

  • Add Hooks Behind the Doors: As the portions above your apartment doors can be a great place for holding storage shelves, the spaces behind the doors can serve to be great options for holding the hooks. With the average height of the door being around 6 feet & above, it offers ample opportunity for hanging all types of items throughout your house. The hooks can be hanged behind the doors of the kitchen, bathrooms, and all respective rooms of your home.

  • Storing Items Above Cabinets: Assuming that the cabinets in your home will not be running along the ceiling, any unused space above them can be a great place for storing a plethora of items. The space between the cabinets and the ceiling can be considered a missed space-saving opportunity that could help you de-clutter your home in an effective manner. While this additional space might be functional for several small apartments and homes, it will also help you in designing each room of the apartment as per your unique tastes.

  • Making Use of Every Wall: Walls offers the biggest space-saving storage options even in the smallest homes & apartments. After all, you will be having at least 4 such walls that could be converted into proper storage spaces. Installing shelves and cabinets onto the home walls can maximize the overall space in your respective apartment rooms and hallway. You can store items in a vertical fashion that will help in freeing up the floor space and can make your apartment appear bigger naturally.

  • Don’t Ignore the Corners: Shelves around your house do not need to be the long expanses of the available horizontal spaces that can be used, especially in small spaces. As such, a hollow nook or corner of your house can be utilized for hanging narrow shelves that can yield an additional storage bonanza for storing away smaller items like books, artifacts, and so more.

  • Focus on Multi-Purpose Furniture: The advent of modern-age furniture has helped in solving a majority of the storage issues in smaller homes & apartments. For instance, furniture like the sofa-cum-bed serves to be a great option for apartments having the lack of an extra room to accommodate the guests. As such, this piece of furniture can be converted into a proper bed while remaining a comfy sofa during the day time.
  • Consider Storing Away in Storage Units: Storage units are one of the best options out there that can help you de-cluttering your small apartments or homes. You can store away your unnecessary items in storage units Orillia that offer additional organizational & safety features for your household belongings. You can also store away the seasonal items like winter or summer clothes in the storage units Orillia to organize your small apartment in a better way.

Learn from some of the effective tips to organize the overall space in your small apartment or home in an effective manner. De-clutter your home and live an organized life!