Step By Step Instructions To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs From Your Home

Step By Step Instructions To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs From Your Home

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Bedbugs are tiny little creatures but very stressful pests to get rid of out of your house completely. Bed Bugs are good at hiding and they reproduce at a very high rate. You, therefore, require keen and strategic measures to do away with these pests completely.

Below are guidelines on how to get rid of bed bugs at home.·

Have Clutter In Your Home – Start By Getting Rid of Them

Remove all portable items outside the house that is clothing, electronics, blankets, soft toys, etc. Take caution by placing items from infested areas into plastic bags, to avoid transfer of bed bugs to other personal items.

Very Important To Wash Clothes/Materials Thoroughly

Clothes infested with bedbugs can’t get treated using insecticides but rather need to get washed in boiling water. Alternatively, the garments and bedding can get heated in the clothes dryer for some minutes if you can’t place them in a washing machine.

Pull Apart Furniture

Dismantling the bed frames helps to expose the hiding areas for bed bugs. Some hiding places may be dark or entirely unclear to the eyes such as the box spring. Use a flashlight to look for bed bugs in such sites. If the mattress is infested, use a mattress safe encasement to cover it and prevent bedbugs from entering or exiting.

You should also Remove your dresser drawers as well. The tiny pests often like hiding in chests. Remove the table
or desk and thoroughly inspect it before putting it back.

Clean Infested Area Thoroughly

The infested sites should get scrubbed using a stiff brush to detach the bed bug eggs. The room should then get vacuumed using a vacuum hose attachment directed to cracks and crevices on furniture, baseboards, beds stands, headboards, rails, buttons, bed seams, bedding edges, tufts and carpet edges. Thorough vacuum cleaning of crevices enhances penetration of

Seal and Caulk

Seal and caulk holes where wires and pipes penetrate the floor and walls. Ensure the cracks around baseboards are well filled to reduce chances of bed bugs crawling back into the house.

Treatment using sprays and powder.

Apply powder or Aerosol spray insecticides or the bedroom guardian kit to all the areas you have just cleaned and other suspicious isolated or protected areas where bedbugs may hide. Spray liquid or aerosol insecticides under the bed, inside
closets and door frames, inside and around all furniture and baseboards. The dust or spray insecticide kills bedbugs on contact. Dispose of heavily infested bedding and garments.

Follow the above simple guidelines, and there will be no more bedbugs in your house.