Start Making Your Own Furniture with Some Basic Woodworking Tools

Start Making Your Own Furniture with Some Basic Woodworking Tools

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Woodworking means the art of creating stuff from wood. Various tools are used to make the best object out of it. There was time when people had little knowledge about different tools therefore anything that they made was created with the help of axe, saw and hammer.

Now with the new tools and advanced technology people have become creative. However, to become a good woodworker a person should have good knowledge of all the tools and their characteristics. There are two types of woodworkers. First, who are born and brought up at a place where woodworking is included. The family, neighbors or relatives of these kids were involved in woodworking.

Also, there are those kids who suddenly one day decide to become a professional woodworker for no reason. This happens generally when they have shifted to a new house and woodworking in that area is quite expensive. This isn’t a bad idea, what arises as a problem is the dilemma of investing money on the tools.

We all know for good woodwork we need the best tools and for that investment is required. However, not many of us are convinced that we would enjoy woodworking and hesitate to buy tools. Therefore, buy smaller lighter tools that are of no use after certain time.

At you get knowledge of all the tools required in woodworking. They write their experience and information about each tool in the market and keep updating with new tools launched. This website has a blog section that can give information on every tool, its purpose, characteristics and the method of usage.

Whenever you think of starting woodworking there are certain things that you need to bring in your mind –

  • It is better to start with an easy project like a shoe rack or a shelf. Hence, make up your mind with the object that should be constructed.
  • Whatever you decide to make, ensure you have your spouse consent on it. This way you both will have your own purpose solved.
  • Always layout a plan of what you desire to create. A rough sketch can help you make anything properly. Just deciding it in mind can lead to confusions.
  • Before using any power tools, ensure you read the manuals properly. Some books also help you with cutting and fixing techniques.
  • Cutting a wood is a difficult task as experts also sometimes fail to cut it straight. Therefore, don’t rush with your project.
  • Don’t buy high tech and advanced tools if you’re unaware of their functions.
  • You can also take help from a friend who loves woodworking and has done it in past.

When you are well versed with this job then you can always seek help from, the website that has information about all newest tools in the market. They deal with all DIY tools, home improvement tools and extensions. They work hard to provide you information on price, every piece, brand and quality.

The tools can be categorized in three types –

  • Hand tools
  • Machinery
  • Power tools

Hand Tools

They are basically operated with hands like hammer, saw, chisel, tape, sandpaper and many more. They don’t require any electricity or power supply.


It is equivalent to heavy power tools. They are huge in size and require lot of energy to work. They definitely help in speeding up your work, but would also require too much of maintenance.

Power tools

They are operated with the help of external source, electricity. Since they work with the help of power, they are more expensive. However, certain handy power tools are flexible and mobile, thus are not costly. Moreover, there is no problem of tangled wires and cables.

If you want fancy work then you can always use machinery and power tools for it. However, for beginners, it is best to learn from hand tools. Once you have refined your skills, then you can always purchase bigger tools.

There are some tools that we can talk about which might be essential for your task –

  • Low angle jack plane is versatile tool that helps to smoothen and flatten uneven surface.
  • Block plane is inexpensive and the blades are thicker that smoothens the surface properly.
  • Hammers are good for all jobs and help in chopping dovetails or screwing small nails in to the wood.
  • Kreg Jig kit is used to makes pieces of board seamlessly. It is the most important tool for furniture building.
  • Quick Grip Clamps help you with holding things when you are short with hands.
  • Finish Nailer helps in getting that professional look in your object by correcting the messy finish of nails.
  • Without a cordless drill, your entire task is incomplete.
  • Compound Miter Saw is sharp and helps in cutting large wooden boards.
  • Squares, steel rule and tapes with pencils, crayons and knife are used to draw straight edges on wood planes.
  • Card scraper is cheap and can be found in any tool shop. It is necessary for curves that have grains and sharpness that can be removed by scraping it.
  • Spokeshave is used to make various different parts of furniture that are different from flat surface, like legs of chairs and tables or spindles.
  • If you have some work to do with angles then you would require a fine sliding bevel gauge.
  • The most important tool that you would need until your job is finished is the water stone that helps in sharpening all tools.  

As a beginner, a woodworker always starts with smaller, lighter and inexpensive tools, which is fine because it does not make sense in spending money on something that cannot assure fine work. Initially you might face problem in fixing up tools, fixing wood planes correctly or incapable of cutting it perfectly. However, since it is the beginning and you have been doing it on your own, you can always appreciate your hard work at the end.

It is always advised to buy the cheapest, but the best tool as a beginner. Hope this article helps you in making your decision. In case, you want to learn in detail about every tool you can always get online and search on the website mentioned in this article.

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