Standby vs. Portable Generator – Significance during Power Outage

Standby vs. Portable Generator – Significance during Power Outage

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Power outage makes us realize the significance of different residential electrical devices. Electrical devices used on daily basis like the TV, Phone, Refrigerator, Oven, Toaster, Mixer, and more gets affected in power outage situations. To avoid inconvenience you can invest in a reliable generator, as backup power supplier during electricity failure.

Two generator options to consider

  • Standby generators – Stay permanently connected
  • Portable generators – Can be moved along

Residential standby generator

During power failure, residential standby generator gets activated automatically and offers crucial backup power.

Home standby generators are larger than portable versions. Propane line or natural gas can be used as fuel. The equipment has an automatic transfer switch, which is easily activated when power goes out and gets disconnected as soon as the utility power returns.

Make a list of top 10 power generators with features like –

  • Rugged design to withstand harsh elements
  • Exercise cycle to maintain better performance
  • Safety features like automatic shutoffs to avoid overheating
  • Low noise level is crucial for residential use
  • Meet latest emission regulations

Portable generators

Portable generators are good, during short time emergency situations. Things to consider, while looking for the best portable power generator includes –

  • Large fuel tank
  • Portability aspects like handle and wheels
  • Sufficient outlets
  • Safety features like circuit breakers, low oil shut off
  • Manual and 24/7 support from manufacturers

Standby vs. portable

  • Portable generators are lightweight than the less expensive standby units.
  • Portable generators need to be started manually as they have battery-powered ignition or recoil.
  • Portable generator includes built-in fuel tank.
  • Standby generator is hard-wired to home electrical system, whereas portable units include multiple cord plugging.
  • Standby units are housed permanently in a single place, whereas portable generator is a movable appliance and carried easily in a travel bag.

Besides keeping the electrical devices in a home running generator help to keep restaurant business running. Risk of groceries getting wasted during sudden utility failures is devastating for restaurants.

Even other business gets affected in case of printing vital reports or agreements. Therefore, it is necessary to consider buying a generator, in advance to avoid the huge inconvenience. It is not necessary to install a permanent standby generator even a small portable unit can avoid the hindrance of business routine and downtime.