Spring Mattresses vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

Spring Mattresses vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

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After a long day in the office, you need a perfect bed for deep sleep so that you are ready for the next day. If you are thinking to buy mattress then here are some differences between spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. In order to get sound sleep, you can choose one according to your comfort.

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses give different feeling depending on the quality of the springs used for the mattresses. Although spring mattresses give an illusion of comfort having pillow tops, they do not provide sufficient pressure to the back and when you wake up in the morning, your back may still not be relaxed. You may feel pain in your shoulders and on the lower back as well. Due to the lack of proper blood circulation while sleeping, your legs may have tingly feeling. It is seen that solid spring mattresses offer great comfort but for higher comfort buy mattresses with shock absorber springs.

Spring mattresses give you as much pressure as your body weight puts on the mattress. Proper support from the mattress is not achieved as your body is not able to push uniformly. It means heavy parts of the body will put more pressure on the mattress compared to lighter parts. The uneven support can lead to aches, poor blood circulation and may be joints pain as well. Will you call it good for sound sleep? This is the reason that spring mattresses lost business by 16% in the first year only after they were launched.

The main benefit of spring mattresses is that they cost very less to the manufacturer so they come at a very low price. The life of a spring mattress can be up to ten years. This is the reason people who cannot afford very high price for other mattresses prefer to go for spring mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress

The bestmemory foam mattressis made up of viscoelastic which is very soft and highly spongy. This material was first used in making airplane seats for NASA.

Memory Foam mattresses are available in a very wide range depending on the number of small springs that they are made up of. Billions of springs in these mattresses provide support in various ways to the different body parts which means pressure points are reduced considerably giving you quality sleep. Turning and tossing on spring mattresses leads to poor sleep while this is substantially reduced with memory foam mattresses.

Pressure in memory foam mattresses is measured in mmHg. 32mmHg or lower than that is thought to be good and memory foam mattresses have about 15mmHg or higher than that. So these mattresses are considered good as they provide pressure relieving surface. It means spring mattresses do not provide much pressure relief to the body causing numbness in the limbs.

Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses come at a little high price but they are more durable as well. They are considered better pressure relievers compared to other mattresses. The other benefit is your partner does not get disturbed when you turn sides. They are made up of solid foam so mites also remain on the surface only.

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