Some Suggested Types and Security Points of Roller Shutter Garage Doors 

Some Suggested Types and Security Points of Roller Shutter Garage Doors 

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Roller shutter garage doors are certainly one of the most sensible door alternatives; with sleek top to bottom opening and no inner tracks, it works quite simply and efficiently.

The majority of roller shutter doors are manufactured as per client’s order and can be bought as per your exact specifications, regardless of the size. Additionally, there is a countless range of pre-finished colours and woodgrain effects, enabling you to find the best roller shutter door which is suitable for your property.

Roller Shutter Garage Doors Types

Roller shutter doors can be found in the United Kingdom as insulated double complexioned lightweight aluminium or non-insulated specific skin metal, both with the alternative of remote device automatic or manual operation.

Single Skin

A fairly functional door that has both attributes, quality and performance. It’s cost and appealing design make this door perfect for new and existing house owners alike.

Protected Double Skinned

This type helps in preventing temperature loss in the garage area and makes the area warmer and guarded against the weather conditions as well as improve the security. It’s true that this option is the more expensive one, but you get the best quality roller shutter garage doors!

Safe Practice Points

Bear in mind the important things that have to be considered when it comes to security. These  particular required specs should be provided for any insulated roller garage door to conform to the strict CE regulations within the United Kingdom. Any that are not up to scratch are officially ‘illegal.’

They also must match the ‘machinery directive’ rules, that are designed to bring total security into items that are operated electronically and by handheld remote controls.


The majority of roller shutter doors tend to be secure as standard, with manually worked versions that include sliding rods that lock inside into the side routes. Handheld remote controls for electric garage doors make use of many different locking products, usually used in the barrel which the drape is attached to.

Some affordable, basic electric lightweight aluminium roller shutter garage doors with simple internal systems are pretty simple to break into, which means you have to be sure that if you’re looking for safety measures you and your family know exactly what you are interested in!


Roller shutter garage doors are considered the most functional doors as they can be made to any size or colour (particular panel types only). As the roller shutter garage door opens top to bottom, it can easily be installed supporting any type of structural garage area opening, for example, archways, and so forth.

These doors can certainly be:

  • Perfect for curved garage openings to increase drive through height
  • Installed onto double, three way or more garages which have a multi channel push button control system – perfect for user friendly setup
  • Provided with remote settings using the most up-to-date rolling program code concept for security and safety – your garage doors can only be managed by your transmitter