Sofa: You need to care for your Upholstery

Sofa: You need to care for your Upholstery

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Everyone loves upholstered furniture; they are decorative as well as functional. The role of upholstery is to provide comforts to the ones sitting on them. This is the reason why upholstery is always changed; they are stripped down to the frame, discarded, and are replaced with new ones. What happens is that the original material gets lost and the original technique with it. Therefore, furniture that survives with the original upholstery still intact in them become of historical interest.

Preservation is must to save an upholstery and carry its original material and techniques. The textiles that get damaged by the light needs to be protected. The covers should be used for special occasions.

Cleaning Spills

If something spills over your upholstery, the first thing you need to do is use kitchen paper. The kitchen paper absorbs the liquid. Repeat until you can see the liquids removed. Don’t use heat immediately, such as a hair dryer, which can cause shrinkage. After you blot with the kitchen paper, wait and consider if the remaining damage is okay to deal with or you need to remove more stain. If you are in Dubai, you can ask sofa upholstery Dubai for help.

Reupholstering chairs

Don’t use traditional upholstery materials and techniques. They were developed in the 19th century which is incorrect. The best way to find is to check your upholstery is your upholstery belonging. You can check it and find originality of it from the tacks and tack holes. The original tacks were homemade, and they carry faceted heads, the later ones are made with machines, so they have flat heads.


If you are in a situation that you need to clean the top covers that was historically made, you can consult a conservator, or if you are at Dubai, you can consult sofa repair Dubai. You must remember that tacks used on your upholstery are nailed well to the wood.

You should be aware that original sofa is returned to you and check everything that you remember about your sofa thoroughly to be sure that your sofa is returned the way you gave it to them to be repaired.

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