Smart Vacuuming Needs Smart Options

Smart Vacuuming Needs Smart Options

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It is difficult to find a house in a modern city where there is no vacuum cleaner. This very fact shows that ever house owner now understands what advantages and disadvantages this technique has. For the users several experts are there who can guide them on the proper choice of vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner power

One of the most important characteristics of a vacuum cleaner is power. It is this in the final analysis that the practical effectiveness of the device depends on. Therefore, when choosing a new vacuum cleaner in the store, first of all pay attention to this indicator. It should be noted that the term “power” of the vacuum cleaner is used in respect to two indicators of its performance – power consumption and suction power. Visit to for knowing more on this.

Electricity Per Unit

In the first case we are talking about the consumed electricity per unit time. This indicator will always be useful and many manufacturers in the description indicate that it is special. Therefore, keep vigilance and check again once again what is written on the description regarding this detail. What does this parameter say? By and large this is an indicator of profitability. Of course, if you need to clean up a lot and often, for example, in an office space, then the more powerful is a vacuum cleaner, the better it is. But when choosing a vacuum cleaner for the house, make sure that the selected unit does not burn the hole in your pocket with electricity bills.

The Second Indicator

The second indicator is much more important, since it it informs about how much the vacuum cleaner draws in the air. Here everything is simple, the higher the power is, the better is the cleaning. Sometimes the manufacturer indicates two parameters of suction power – the average and the maximum.

Choosing the Perfect Cleaner

So, while choosing a vacuum cleaner, the maximum power can be neglected, since in practice the vacuum cleaner reaches it only in the first seconds of the operation, and even then under certain conditions. Then the suction power falls, not remaining for the entire cleaning. Thus, no matter how large this indicator is as pointed out by the manufacturer, it does not give any significant advantage. As a rule, the maximum power exceeds the average by a third, or slightly more. Of course, it is preferable that the vacuum cleaner, whose suction power is slightly higher than you need, rather than vice versa.

In addition, most models have the ability to adjust the working power depending on the actual need at the moment. In this case, “extra” power is, as it were, an additional resource, which can be resorted to if necessary. Ultimately, it is the power of the vacuum cleaner that can become the decisive factor when choosing a particular device, because it depends on it how well the vacuum cleaner will perform the functions assigned to it.

Types of filters

Cleaning an apartment by collecting garbage and dust is a task that is feasible to any vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you need to choose a model that better keeps the garbage that gets into the dust collector, that is, it filters the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner more qualitatively.

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