Smart Countertop Ideas for Kitchen Makeover

Smart Countertop Ideas for Kitchen Makeover

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Kitchen makeovers are not always expensive. It does not always require involving an interior decorator either. If you want to explore your imagination, you can make some simple, subtle and sophisticated changes to your kitchen. Why don’t you start with kitchen countertops? Discard the ugly look in favor of perfect finishings and you can even do it yourself.

Refinishing your countertops is an easy way to do a quick upgrade in your home kitchen or bathroom. New countertops will make a big difference inside of your home and are an affordable way to upgrade your space.

Even if you are on a small budget, you have literally unlimited options to choose from. You need to assess your budget and make plans to work within it. Here are some important ideas to consider:

Modern Laminate

Laminate is a popular choice for kitchen countertops. Modern laminate is designed in such a fashion that it’s difficult to tell it apart from certain granites until you touch it. You can choose from a wonderful variety of colors, textures and patterns of modern laminates. They look bright, glossy and smooth. Even more, they will keep your kitchen organized and uncluttered for years to come.

As a DIY enthusiast, you should first consult with the O’Fallon Countertops specialists. Be picky about perfect fitting while installing the countertop.


It went out of fashion but has made a strong comeback in recent years. You will find several DIY projects with concrete countertop online. However, many homeowners are still skeptical about its durability and maintenance.

Instead of doing it yourself, you should hire an expert for concrete top installation to avoid imperfections and mess at your home. If you are bent on taking care of everything by yourself, make sure to get accurate measurements especially while cutting the template from plywood or melamine.

Granite Tiles

Without any doubt, they add glaze to your kitchen interior. They are expensive but will last for a long period. If you want to get a granite-like look for your interior at a cheaper price, go for granite tiles. According to interior designing experts, it is a viable project to do it by yourself.

Granite is heavy. Its weight per square foot is about 13 pounds, implying that a five-foot long granite slab will weigh nearly 130 pounds or even more if a thicker slab is used.  On the other hand, a 12-inch tile weighs only 13 pounds. Much lighter, isn’t it?

Contact Paper

Ask any interior expert and he/she will never suggest using it if you can afford to pay for granite, concrete or tile installation. Reason? It is not durable. However, if you are on a tight budget, contact paper will be a cheaper alternative to more expensive options.

Cost depends on the area to be covered with contact paper. Use the paper and you will be surprised to see the dramatic transformation that it can make. Leaving bubbles is a common defect of most of the DIY projects. You can avoid it by being extra careful during installation.

Though contact paper has a shorter lifespan, you can easily redo whenever you feel like doing it. If you are considering a stand-in between two major kitchen renovations, it could be a good idea to grab.

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