Simple tips for finding out the leaks on your roofing system

Simple tips for finding out the leaks on your roofing system

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Roof leaks are one of the common issues to the house owners. However, in most cases, they are not able to make out the source of these leaks. Presence of molds, discoloration or water flow- you can clearly view at these signs on the walls of your house. But, to detect the roofing issue, you have to get the help of best roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan.

You may apply your own tricks for finding out the leaks

  • A light ray, coming from the source: It is better to make the effort in the daytime. You may use a flashlight to identify the small hole in your roof.
  • Work on the other spots: When there is a leakage, the flow of water ends at a spot. However, the actual leakage is not at the point, where the flow starts. This water can pass through your rafters or other adjacent parts. You may try to find out the stains or faded wood color to know the leakage source.
  • Pour water on the roof: While you are not able to detect the source spot of roof leakage with your visual analysis, you can wait until all the things get dried. Take your hose and then spread water on the roof. Ask someone to remain in the attic so that he may note down how the water gets access to your room. After finding the small hole, you have to mark that place, using a pencil or chalk.

Thus, these are the easiest ways for finding roof leaks of your house.


Should you hire roofing professionals’ team?

Lots of homeowners like to know whether they have to hire roofers for solving the leakage issues or other problems. You may make your decision, considering the factors, like

  • Steepness of your roof
  • Disintegrated, old roofs
  • Height of the building
  • You have no right tool
  • No knowledge of the way of repairing the roof

By calling the roofers, you may ensure that all the parts of your roofing system are checked thoroughly. Moreover, while you need to replace any roofing unit, only the certified roofers will give the best solution. The roofers make sure that they have installed the new parts at the right site with no error. You will stay safe and enjoy your roof for several years.

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