Should You Have a Garage Door Opener Repair Done?

Should You Have a Garage Door Opener Repair Done?

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The garage door opener allows your door to open and close smoothly.  Without it, you may be able to force the door up and down or you may find yourself with it stuck in position!

The most likely parts to fail on a garage door are the opener and the springs.  The springs are relatively easy to replace but this job must be done by a professional as they are under an incredible amount of force.  If you pop one out you could do yourself a serious injury.

The opener, on the other hand can be replaced or you can consider a garage door repair woodland hills.  If this is your preferred route then you should consider the following facts:

Professional Approach

The first step in a garage door opener repair is to contact a local firm.  Toronto based Smart Care Garage Doors has an excellent reputation and offers a fast response to look at any issue.  In fact, you will find they offer a competitive price to perform your garage door opener repair.

A professional firm will advise you regarding whether it is worth repairing your opener and the cost of it.  This is important as the cost plays a part in your decision.


Having established a cost for a professional garage door opener repair and what actually needs doing; you will be able to assess whether you can do this yourself or not.  If you feel capable then you will need to look at the price you would pay for the parts and the amount of time it would take you; is it worth your time in comparison to paying a professional.  

In addition, it is worth checking the price of a new opener as this may be a more economical solution.

Age & Warranty

You should also consider the age of your current garage door installation.  If it is ten years or more then there will be no warranty and it is likely that many other of the essential parts could start to fail.  Whilst almost every part can be replaced; the older the door is the more viable it should be to simply replace everything rather than start an ongoing chain of repairs.  An ongoing process could end up costing you far more than replacing a door.

The Issue

It is also important to understand why the garage door opener repair is necessary.  It might be that it has not been maintained properly over the years and this is something you should be aware of for the future.  It may even be as simple as the mounting bracket for the opener has worked loose; spotting it earlier may have prevented a costly repair.

If an issue is not spotted and corrected early then your opener will be placed under pressure and the motor can be overworked.  This can cause motor failure and it is not normally viable to replace this; in this situation a new opener is the best form of garage door opener repair.

The most important thing when you have a garage is to ensure the maintenance is carried out regularly and that any issues are dealt with promptly.  This should prevent you from need to undertake a garage door opener repair!


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