Should You Go for Hardwood Floor or Carpeted Floor for Your New Home?

Should You Go for Hardwood Floor or Carpeted Floor for Your New Home?

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Are you planning to rehabilitate yourself at new location? If you have lost your previous house either due to fire or water then you must be in lookout for new house to settle down as early as possible. The bitter experience of your last home must have also made you little wiser to take decision while looking for your new house.

Most of such people whose house has been damaged either due to fire or floodwater will prefer to get cash for houses from any home buying company of your city. Thereafter what are the normal choices they make while hunting for their new houses?

Type of flooring

You have to choose between hardwood floors or carpeted floors. It is no doubt that hardwood floors have much better appearance than any carpeted floor. However, if you compare the cost then you will find that the cost of hardwood floors will be almost 3 to 4 times costlier than carpeted floors. The rate in the market per square feet for wooden floor is about $9 to $12 while for carpeted floor it is $3 to $5.

Besides that, if you have recently experienced fire or water damage in your last house then naturally you would not like to spend extra money for hardwood floors. However, it depends upon the taste of the buyer and that will rule your decision.

Location of the house

Location of the house is also another important criterion for your decision. You will certainly prefer a familiar location. However, it is also important to see what is the general preference of the people of that location. If most of the houses are with hardwood floor then you also have to tow in the same line.

How much you can afford

Finally, your choice between hardwood and carpeted floor will be decided by how much you can afford to spend for your new house renovation. Consider all theses aspects and also keep in mind your recent experience of your old house and then take your best decision. Choice is always yours.

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