Sealing Natural Stone Countertops

Sealing Natural Stone Countertops

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Usually, there is no need to seal granite counters. Prior to 1995, the marketplace offered an extremely limited amount of high-quality penetrating sealers, and there were not many cases of staining. There has never been a reported incident of problems related to contamination during food preparation, food poisoning or radon poisoning in conjunction with untreated or treated granite even after penetrating sealers became available. It is rare for a homeowner to encounter issues with staining or future cleanings after cleaning a granite countertop. Although granite is resistant to moisture on its own, many granite countertops are further protected from moisture migration when they are sealed.

Is there a need to seal natural stone counters? Often, it is beneficial to use a high-quality sealer to seal granite and marble counters. A good sealer should be oleophobic, which means it repels stains from oil and water-based substances. Also, the sealer’s life expectancy should be at least 10 years. When naturally stone is sealed with the right type of sealer, the stone becomes more impervious to spills and dirt.

Modern granite factories give a lot of granite species a resin treatment throughout the slab-polishing stage. The resin treatment fills in small characteristics like indentations and micro-fissures that organically occur in numerous natural stones. Although resin treatments fix imperfections for consumers, these imperfections are actually birthmarks. Since the general public desires perfection in the goods it purchases, the granite and marble industry utilizes resin treatments to give people the flawless stone surface that they want. However, unresined slabs and resined slabs are both able to live longer than us. Granite offers a strong return on the buyer’s investment. Therefore, granite often will, and should, be the final countertop purchase ever made by the consumer. The main conclusion: After sealing a resin-treated counter, the natural stone’s ability to repel moisture increases.

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