Santeria candles to bring good fortune

Santeria candles to bring good fortune

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Candles are something that are very closely related to almost each and every tradition and culture that you can find in this world. It is considered as the divine light that vanish the darkness and evil influences from your life and brings good and powerful influences in your life. Santeria candles are also one of them and provide you with religious importance. These are the candles which are embedded inside glass surroundings and are available in many colors. Each color defines a specific day of the week and has its own effect on the person or place. These candles provide the person with some signs using which he can make his vision clear. You got to read the interpretation or sign of these candles. You can prefer to visit us to know more about these candles. Mentioned below are some of the interpretations of these candles.

Candle doesn’t burn: If your candle is not lightening up that means there is some other spirit or power that first needs to be removed from your place in order to perform the spell and other spiritual happenings.

Candle with low flame: If the candle is burning with low flame, this means that there is still some other kind of negative spirit or energy left with your place and needs to be removed by some other spiritual means.

Candle with high flame: If the candle is burning with high flame, then it means that your spiritual spells and sayings are very strong and your work or desires will be fulfilled very soon. High flame signifies victory and success with your daily proceedings.

Candle explodes: If the candle explodes while burning, that means bad spirits were headed towards you in order to cause some bad to you, but the candle has stopped those bad spirits and saved you from getting into the harm’s way.