Rules for Selecting an Auto Transport Company

Rules for Selecting an Auto Transport Company

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Among the benefits that can be obtained by transport companies with the implementation of a management system is to be able to assure clients the ability to provide services, an essential circumstance in a sector with small organizations.

Of course, the company also manages to define efficient work processes and methods and optimize resources, in addition to reducing insurance premiums, facilitating access to markets and increasing the value of the company.

Practical cases

The has created a computer program to record all those events and non-conforming services (SNC) that occur in the transport, from collection to delivery. All employees have access to this information since it hangs from the operating processes (AS-400) and not from a parallel program for quality ones?? And they can, in turn, record the incidents that occur in their department.

Based on this information, the management can study what has been registered and establish the objectives and indicators of the company. Each department of the company has a quality indicator to assess the effectiveness of its processes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the electronics, a fast and efficient merchandise transport system

What is reverse logistics?

  • Protective measures for metal shelves and warehouses against the risk of fire
  • Conveyors for pallets: high performance and automated handling of the goods
  • Thermal insulation in cold rooms

The importance of public transport in today’s society, especially in large cities, is essential to ensure the welfare of citizens since every day millions of people move by bus, metro, train, tram, taxi or bicycle to carry Do your daily tasks. In this sense, passenger transport companies should strive to provide an efficient service to all those who decide to use public transport, and not only to improve the quality of life of society in general but also to project a positive image to the exterior.

What is the quality certification for passenger transport companies?

These commitments that operators must assume can be classified into eight areas: information, comfort, time, security, accessibility, customer service, service offered and environmental impact.

By carrying out optimal management of these eight sections, the passenger transport companies will be able to aspire to improve the service offered, as well as the image that users perceive of them. It should be renowned that, at present, this norm is mandatory in some provinces to improve the quality of life of citizens, while in others it represents a substantial competitive advantage concerning other companies regarding the possibility of accessing public concessions

Quality objectives

  • Meet at all levels of the Company, with the requirements of the client and regulations at least 80%.
  • Achieve a level of customer satisfaction of 80 out of 100 bimonthly average rating points.

Transportation Quality Policies in a Transport Company

  • In any Transport company committed to providing specialized logistics and transportation services, complying with the quality specifications necessary to meet the expectations and needs of their customers.
  • Any Company permanently promote the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, improving the constant development of their personnel and the quality of their services, through the fulfillment of the established objectives.

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