Repairs to Fix Around the House Before They Get Worse

Repairs to Fix Around the House Before They Get Worse

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In this article, we will talk one thing that most households encounter at some point… a toilet that is running constantly. This is a sure sign that a small repair is needed in order to avoid a bigger issue. This is usually a sign that the flap that holds the water in the back of the toilet is worn out. Fortunately, this is an easy replacement and is both cheap and easy to fix on your own.

The first thing you will want to do is to go and purchase the new flap and/or guts for the back part of the toilet. After you have the necessary parts to fix the issue then it’s time to get started.

Once you are ready to go the first thing to do is to shut off the water supply. This is a small shut off valve connected to a hose leading to the back part of the toilet.

Once the water supply is shut completely off then flush the toilet to remove any water being held in the tank. Once the water is gone you can either remove the entire set of guts from the tank or just the flap. You will want to replace them all if they seem corroded or worn out.

Once the proper replacements are made it is a good idea to do a couple practice flushes to ensure that everything is working properly.

In conclusion, fixing a toilet that is constantly running can keep you from having to spend much more in repairs. If you see this becoming an issue you may realize that it is costing you more in water and may even notice that you are starting to have water damage. This can be a costly issue and may even be harmful to your health. Getting this kind of issue taken care of quickly is the best course of action.

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