Renovate your Home in Singapore with the Coolest Ceiling Fans

Renovate your Home in Singapore with the Coolest Ceiling Fans

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Due to the geographical location and marine exposure of Singapore, you can normally expect a hot and humid climate out there. Being located at just one degree north of the equator, the city gets to naturally enjoy both the tropical and equatorial climate. This island does not have any specific seasons like summer, winter, spring and autumn. You will find warm and humid weather throughout the year. Hence, ceiling fans are a must to keep you comfortable in such a hot weather.

The incredible features

The brand Crestar has been in the industry of ceiling fan for over 10 years and have built a goodwill by offering quality products and excellent service to all their customers. The innovative technology along with modern design have gained huge popularity. If you are thinking of purchasing ceiling fans in Singapore, then check out the fabulous features of the collection of Crestar fan. Their fans are not only made with ultimate precision but also has a touch of durability, excellence and elegance that is not only perfect for indoor conditions like bedroom, living room, shops and office but also outdoors. Some of the exclusive features are

  • Style – The regular Crestar ceiling fanapart from delivering a high level of breeze also lends your home an aesthetic look. It’s basically a perfect blend of functionality and beauty. With their range of elegant contemporary fans, you can now beautify your home with a different outlook.
  • Energy-saving – Their advanced range of energy-saver ceiling fans are just ideal if you are looking forward towards making some savings on your electric bill.
  • Built-in light–Their modern ceiling fans are aesthetically designed with built-in light that lets you enjoy dual functionality of cool breeze and lighting at the same time.

The different series

Crestar offers a category of ceiling fans under the different series, some of which are:

  • Air Series- Under this series you will find acrylic fans for outdoor use, aluminium fans for high ceiling houses, wooden fans to give your interior a different feel and look, polystyrenefans with effective blade design that givesidealair delivery.
  • Sky Series –This series is one of their best sellers. This is specifically designedfor smaller spaces ensuring the same comfort.
  • Rain Series- These are the five-bladed ceiling fans available in 3 sizes underpolycarbonate finish and two sizes underwooden finish.

Some of the other series Crestar offers are I Series, Lite Series, Hy Series and Wind Series.