Removing Moss from Your Stone Paving

Removing Moss from Your Stone Paving

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Moss growth and that of other plant organisms are a common problem when it comes to many flooring solutions, including stone paving. You can buy the most stunning natural stone from a stone paving supplier, but thereafter it is your job to ensure that you keep it looking its best, including the avoidance and removal of moss and other such nuisances.  The removals of moss is not only important in order to make sure that stone paving looks as wonderful as possible, but also to make surfaces less slippery and less dangerous.

If moss is making an appearance on your stone paving and you think that it is time to say goodbye, keep on reading to find out how…

Boiling water: It is always best to try and clean stone paving, whether it is from moss or tough stains, with boiling water before using any harsh chemicals. You should pour the boiling water over the moss and scrub it away using a stiff brush. After this you can clear remaining debris away with a hose.

Power washer: Similar to using boiling water to remove moss, power washers are pretty safe to use when looking to combat moss problems. These work similar to using a hose too, however the water comes out of power washers at a much faster pace making them able to clean better and remove stains better. However, try not to power wash your plants.

Bleach: Household bleach can be used to clean stone paving and eliminate moss. You should mix the bleach with water to make a cleaning solution, cover mossy areas with this solution, scrub areas using a stiff brush and then clean with a hose. Be sure to wash ALL bleach away though as otherwise more staining could occur. You should only do this is washing with water along does not work.

Baking soda:  baking soda is another household item that can be used to get rid of moss. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the moss poking out between your flags and leave for 24 hours. After this you can again sweep the debris/moss away and clean using a hosepipe/bucket of water.

Specialist products: If you spent a lot of money on your stone paving and therefore want to ensure that you clean it only using the most suitable products, you should contact your stone supplier whom will be able to advise what the most suitable cleaning methods/products are based on the unique stone that you purchased.

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