Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Reasons to Finish Your Basement

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Can’t Take the Heat

The heat is on! There’s only so much sunbathing you can do before the heat starts to get to your head. Air conditioning units are not practical for Calgary’s climate and tower fans sometimes just don’t cut it. When you need an escape from the sweltering sun, imagine having somewhere to go in your own home that is cool, comfortable and convenient. If you’ve ever thought about finishing your basement, now is the time to contact a Calgary basement renovation company to get the job done. Alliance Renovations will turn your studded 2X4 framed basement into the cool and relaxing den, parlour or bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. Your oasis in the desert is only a stairwell away!

Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner

Company’s coming and you have two options: sacrifice your own bed for the in-laws and spend the night on the couch or bring out the air mattress and listen to your mother in law complain about her restless sleep for the next two days. What about option three? Have a Calgary basement renovation company develop your basement and turn the unused space into the ultimate guest room. Private and convenient and most importantly, private – you might even forget that you have company!

What if your company is here to stay? If the storks deliver an unexpected surprise or it’s about time Timmy and Tommy get their own space, finish your basement with enough rooms for everyone. Whether it’s the in-laws, more kids in

the works or your own grandkids coming to stay over Christmas, a basement full of bedrooms is the way to go.

The Hobby Hole

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Well I would, if only I had the space.” Maybe you want to take up quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, jewelry making, woodworking, painting, singing, sound mixing or dancing. Regardless of your chosen art form, your unfinished basement is the canvas and Alliance renovations holds the brush. The top rated Calgary basement renovation company can give you the space you’ve always wanted to imagine, create and pursue your passions. Not only can your finished basement provide you with a workspace but also efficient storage to meet your specific needs. After all, what’s a quilter without a wall-to-wall cabinet full of fabric or an avid crafter without

cubbies and nooks full of repurposed treasures. As an artist, you’ll need a gallery for all your masterpieces. Turn the room across the hall into a space for show and tell. If you’re the creative type, your very own hobby hole will be a dream come true.

Exercise Extraordinaire

You’re an infomercial junkie and have succumbed to all the latest workout equipment that promises better abs in only eight weeks. The only thing they don’t tell you on T.V. is how big and cumbersome the equipment is. The basement is the only space big enough for your new Ab Builder 2000 but it’s dark, cold and

dirty in the basement and you soon lack all motivation to go down there to work out. Finish your basement into a brightly lit, foam floored home gym and you may find it hard to leave. Imagine working out on your favourite equipment and cooling down in your own yoga studio. Skip the fees of a gym membership, the inconvenience of driving across town, and the judgemental stares from strangers and call a basement renovation specialist right here in Calgary. Your #goals will become #reality when you step down into a space designed to fit all your workout needs.

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