Queen pillow case – What are the fabrics used in them?

Queen pillow case – What are the fabrics used in them?

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We love to have the ultimate comfort from our beddings. However, with the term, bedding, we consider mattress, pillows and bed cover. But, for pillows, there is another piece to be added for your everyday use. Just as you buy a sheet to cover your bed, you need pillowcases for covering the pillows of all sizes. However, whether you buy King or Queen pillow cases, you have to check out the materials or fabrics, used in them. Though you may like to focus only on the design or look, the fabric plays an important role to give you comfort. Zippers, buttons and sequins are the embellishments of your pillowcases. However, you need to give more attention to the fabric.

Pillowcase fabrics – Why they are important

The best quality fabrics never affect the skin in any way, and they also reduce the potentials of friction of pillowcase and skin. These fabrics also help with the constant flow of air, and thus, breathability should be the major feature of your pillowcase fabric. This airflow is also essential for controlling your skin temperature and in preventing sweating throughout a night. To keep away from all the skin issues, you have to look for the best-branded pillowcases. We have given you detailed information on all the fabrics, used for designing the queen size pillow cases Australia.

Should you choose satin or silk?

Lots of consumers have a misconception that there is no difference between silk and satin fabrics.

Satin is one of the favorable fabrics for it sensuous and smooth nature. While you love plush pillowcase fabric, you can choose. It has not only a shiny look but also friendly to the skin.

Silkworm is the source of silk, while satin can be referred to as the fabric weave. Thus, various fabrics are weaved in satin, and silk is also one of them. The best fact is that while you use a satin pillowcase, you face or body will not have any crease mark. Moreover, you will have no tangling issues with your hair.

You will also find variation in the natural and polyester silk. The first one offers you a slippery feel, and its texture is also different. Natural silk gives you softer feel, causing no friction. As the friction level gets reduced, you will have no split end problem in hair. However, since silk contains protein, this fabric gives you lots of other benefits. Most of the dermatologists say that silk pillowcase is the right option for you.

  • Cotton-made pillow covers

This is a natural fabric, which is not only soft but also breathable. It is not treated with any chemical, and thus, works best for those, who have sensitive skin. However, it has no moisture-wicking capacity, and while you have not washed it, the pillowcase can attract dust.

  • Fleece pillow covers

You will have a cozy feeling by using these covers on the winter season. It is a machine washable fabric and is also much versatile.

  • Linen

It is the flax product and does not cause any harm to your skin. However, it is a very costly fabric. You will get a good level of comfort with linen pillowcases. Quality is the major factor for linen is a preferable fabric to lots of consumers.

  • Rayon

For those, who are looking for semi-synthetic material, rayon is the right option. Cellulose (in purified form) is the major source of rayon. Rayon is of various types, including modal, viscose or lyocell. The way in which they have been designed causes the difference. Rayon pillowcase is very soft and has high absorbent nature.

  • Flannel-made pillowcase

In many cases, the cotton is woven loosely, and we call it as flannel. While you reside in cool regions, you can have a warm feeling from flannel pillowcases. It is also softer than other fabrics.

While you have chosen flannel pillowcases, you can find unbrushed or brushed version.  These brushed ones are more smooth and softer, and that is why they are best for your beddings.

Flannel pillow cover is available to you in many colors, like green and white. You can machine wash these queen size pillow cases or consider dry cleaning method.

  • Velvet

It is one of the silk-based fabrics and makes you feel much comfortable. Velvet may contain polyester or cotton. The cotton ones are applied for lots of pillowcases. While you have chosen this fabric, you need to wash it very gently.

In conclusion, we can say that to retain the better health, we should not only sleep in peace but also choose the reliable queen pillowcases. Throughout a night your skin stays in touch with a pillowcase. That is why you must purchase the skin-friendly pillowcase, designed with the high-standard pillow covers. You can use our guide to pick a pillowcase of safest fabric.