Pros of Joining a Real Estate Investors Association

Pros of Joining a Real Estate Investors Association

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If you are new to real estate or are simply looking to find a group to keep you accountable, a great place to start would be a real estate investors association. Simply put, if you plan on making multiple real estate purchases or plan on making a large portion of income from real estate, then you will want to surround yourself with experts in the field that have already completed multiple deals. There are always pros and cons to joining an association, but for this article we will focus on the positives of joining one, especially a local association like our alabama real estate investors association if you are in the state. First, don’t get confused by the verbiage, these associations are often referred to as “clubs” or “groups.” These are all the same types of associations; just make sure to verify that you aren’t joining a REIT.

Whether you’re in Alabama or just looking for an association in your market, it is very likely (almost 100% likely) that you can find a real estate investors club near you. With real estate being so popular in 2017, everyone is looking for more information. Many investors want to spread their investments out over an entire market so that they are not left vulnerable to a particular area, therefore even investors in major cities will branch out to sub-cities and are likely to travel frequently.

Most real estate investment groups are started to give and receive feedback from other local experts. These groups are a fantastic way to gain local knowledge, find investors to fund projects answer questions about the process or even find a mentor. By joining a real estate investors association you give yourself more opportunities to meet people that can help you grow both your knowledge base and your investment resources. Experienced investors can also point you in the right direction if you are looking for a contractor to help with your next flip, or a property manager to oversee your newest multi-family units.

A few other pros include:

  • Monthly or bi-monthly meetings
  • Introductions to educational resources
  • Networking and partnerships
  • Financial assets to complete future deals
  • Mentorship

If you have considered joining a real estate investors association, take these into consideration when making your decision whether you should or not. If you feel like you will benefit more than the dues cost, I would recommend making the investment and seeing how far a great group can take you. If you have further questions or live in the Birmingham area, consider checking us out at our Birmingham real estate investors association.

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