Procrastinating on Pest Control Can Cost You a Lot

Procrastinating on Pest Control Can Cost You a Lot

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Common household pests like mice, cockroaches, ants, fleas, bedbugs, and termites are more than just gross to look at. Should these tiny creatures invade your home, getting them out quickly is pertinent to your health, safety, and finances. Though it may seem like they’ll never leave, when you factor the many consequences of allowing these creatures to move in with you and your loved ones, you begin to see why you shouldn’t procrastinate.

They Carry Disease

Did you know that mosquitoes, fleas, cockroaches, and mice are all prone to spreading disease? They can be sources for things like strep throat, salmonella, malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus, Lyme disease, spotted fever, and dengue fever. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Larger pests like bats, rats, and squirrels, for example, could carry rabies. These diseases can easily be spread to humans and pets. The longer they’re in your home, the higher the chances are of your family coming in contact with these serious diseases.

Allergic Reactions

If you have any allergy sufferers in the house you need to contact pest control services sooner rather than later. Many pests either carry allergens and spread them around or they cause allergic reactions themselves. Some insects spread allergens through their feces or shedding skin which quickly pollutes the air after released. Bees, wasps, and hornet stings can be very deadly if someone in the home is allergic. Not to mention, there are certain spiders that can be venomous and possibly prove deadly if you’re bitten.

Property Damage

As if the health of your loved ones wasn’t enough to persuade you to get rid of the pests in your home, the idea of a damaged and unsafe home may change your mind. If your home is comprised of a lot of wood and it hasn’t been properly treated, termites can get into the wood and start chewing holes in it. If it goes on long enough you could experience serious structural damage. On the other hand, mice, and rats like chewing on things. They can chew holes into walls and paper, but they also chew through cords and electrical wiring. If they bite at the wrong time, this could lead to a house fire where serious damage and even death could occur.

How to Handle This

No one wants to cause any harm to their loved ones, nor does anyone want to have to pay thousands of dollars in property damage repair. This is why it pays to be proactive. By learning how to get and keep the pests out of your house you save a lot of money and make the space more habitable for your loved ones. Here’s how you handle an issue such as pests.

  • Check damp areas – get rid of any dampness or still water as insects like mosquitoes are known to populate there.
  • Trim trees – bugs can gain access to your home by climbing a tree straight into an opening in the property. Keeping trees away from windows and doors can help.
  • Get rid of piles – whether its piles of wood outside or stacks of paper inside, pests are looking for a place to nest and they’ll find it in these places. Get rid of these piles and you get rid of great places for them to nest.
  • Garden care – take good care of your vegetable garden. Harvest crops in a timely fashion, make space for your plants and consider bird feeders to attract birds to help keep them away.
  • Homemade perimeter treatment – vinegar, garlic, cayenne pepper, lemon, and other ingredients can be used to make a spray for additional defense. Spraying it around the perimeter of your home should deter them from wanting to come in.

You may have seen a few ants, roaches, or mice running around your house and thought nothing of it, or tried a few store-bought methods to get rid of them and then stopped after there was no change. Though it may seem impossible to get rid of these unwanted guests, especially if its an infestation, the truth is you can’t give up. Having pests in the home only makes it an unhealthy and unsafe environment for your family and costs you a lot more to take care of later. So, do yourself and those you love a favor and bug-proof your home before its too late.

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