Porcelain slabs – Why they are a highly acceptable option for the homeowners

Porcelain slabs – Why they are a highly acceptable option for the homeowners

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Nowadays, there are lots of flooring options for the modern homeowners. However, the most common choice for all people is stone. While you have looked at the availability of natural stones, you can find porcelain pieces have already gained attention from several users. Porcelain tiles, looking like natural stones, are the best options for protecting your bathroom floors. However, there are also other applications of these slabs-

  • Shower walls
  • Vanities
  • Fireplace
  • Tub area
  • Floor
  • Cladding in the outdoor part
  • Patios

Porcelain is also good for making countertops. You know that with natural stones, there is a need for sealing. However, you have not this issue in case of porcelain. You may also clean your porcelain countertop very easily and keep the surface more hygienic.

 So, you can look for porcelain slabs wholesale in UK. Available in incomparable designs, these porcelain tiles add to the aesthetic value of the present flooring system.

Let’s have a look at the other reasons for which many of us prefer these versatile slabs for our house.

 Porcelain pieces are designed by blending minerals and clays. They are also heated at a particular temperature. That is why they are tougher than any ceramic slab. Porcelain is also resistant to odor, bacteria, water and stains. However, while there is no radiant heat, you may feel much cold, while standing on the tiles.

You can find porcelain pieces in two major categories:

Glazed: The glazed tiles have a colored finish on its surface. The durability of this product is one of the major factors.

Through-bodied: In this case, color is spread all over the tiles, and thus, all the scratches or chips can remain hidden. These are also resilient slabs with no presence of glaze. Thus, there is no potential for damage to the finish. You can choose it for your countertops, floors and walls.

Buy the slabs and install them in the right way


 While you have chosen large sized porcelain pieces, you have check out whether it has ninety percent contacts with mortar. The professional installers know about all the instructions that are important for the installing the porcelain pieces. They also use the right tools in order to install every system. Especially, for the large slabs, these tools and special skills are essential. However, after setting up everything, you can manage them very easily.

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