Popular Options With Modern Sensibilities In Today’s Window Treatments

Popular Options With Modern Sensibilities In Today’s Window Treatments

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Windows are important to any domicile. Obviously, they are the portal to natural light from the outside world. But they are also a means to express some style or achieve a desired mood. All you have to do is find the right Store Urbain window dressing.


Among the most popular window treatments of today is natural woven shades made from materials like bamboo.  Accompanied by other accessories from nature—like flowers, perhaps elegant pieces of wood, or even stone—organic window treatments let in diffused light so you can also see what is going on outside (even when the shades or blinds are drawn).  You get privacy without too much secrecy.


White, black, and navy curtains are pretty classic; and in this case, “classic” means “old.”  For an updated look, consider stepping away from fiery red curtains that have started to grow in popularity and look at shades of ocean blue. Think teal, aquamarine, and softer blue-greens.  Dusty hues like lavender pair with this well, as do jewel tones like orange, gold, and persimmon; outlined with brown—yes, more natural colors.


But while natural looks and colors will be on trend, that does not mean you have to stick strictly to simple fabrics, too. Damask, fur, silk, suede, and velvet are also highly desirable right now.  If you want more elegance, more luxury, more embellishment, this is the way to go.  Soft textiles—bamboo again, as well as the closely woven ribbed fabric Grosgrain—add texture without rigidity.


And speaking of luxurious fabric—and if you are willing to spend a little more—the softness and lush shine of silk is also quite an excellent window treatment these days. Silk can also be pretty diverse since you could opt for simple solid colors or plaid or jacquard paisley designs.


Simple and sleek lines will also dominate window frames right now but this trend, apparently, populates many other areas of interior design.  Panel-track systems make this easy since they are made of compatible fabric and woven-wood panels which might be well complemented by other elements like Asian shoji screens.


Sometimes you want drapes with simple shades. These days, though, bold stripes and other patterns or prints are what is hot.  Actually, the popularity of bold prints is changing the way interior designers approach traditional window treatment aesthetics.

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