Plumbing Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Plumbing Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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We have all gone through the experience that the kitchen or bathroom pipe has been blocked or has suffered from some obstruction. Because of this, we have had to call a plumber who has sometimes charged us a considerable amount of money for arranging something simple that we could have fixed easily. There are, however, certain safety tips that everyone, from a professional plumber to yourself should follow.

Be careful with:

  1. Getting burned while bending pipes with heat or welding pipes.
  2. Hitting your hands in the setting of sanitary devices and in the pipe rod
  3. Being expose to gases and vapors while working.
  4. Being contaminated by viruses or bacteria existing in sewer systems.
  5. Falling when walking due to the accumulation of various materials that block the way.
  6. Getting hurt by carrying heavy equipment, pipes or WC pieces.

To avoid getting hurt the best thing to do is to wear the necessary protection and always follow the instructions of the materials and equipment that is being used to fix the plumbing problem.

If the problem does not seem to be serious or does not need the help of a professional you can try and fix it yourself, there are certain common problems in plumbing that can be tackled by the homeowner himself.

The pipes of the sink are partially blocked

Regularly add one cup of vinegar or salt and another of baking soda in a ratio of one cup for every two liters of boiling water.

There is a loud leaky faucet

If the tap drips and at that moment you can´t repair it, there is a homemade trick that eliminates that undesirable sound. Tie a string that goes from the mouth of the tap to the drain. This way you will not hear the annoying noise of the drops since the water will slide silently down the string. This will give you a quiet night of sleep, and you will be ready to fix it yourself the next morning

How to put and remove faucets easily

If you are going to place a new faucet, a great homemade trick is to place a little petroleum jelly in the nut which makes it easier to screw them.

How to remove and replace the silicone in the bathtub

To avoid leaking problems, the silicone seal of the bathtub must be repaired every year. To do this, you must remove the previous seal with ether or oil and scrape it with a sharp blade until it comes off completely. Then, the area is scrubbed, dried and the new silicone layer is placed.

Remember, Safety first

Plumbers install, repair and maintain bathroom and kitchen appliances, or plumbing systems in businesses, industries, and residences. This work may include the installation and repair of pipes, connections, and appliances related to water supply, drains and heating systems.

It is common for plumbers to be exposed to materials and chemicals, so you should be trained regarding the potential hazards in the work site. Find out if your home contains asbestos, lead-based paint or mold. Make sure these hazards have been eliminated and cleaned before you start any work.

Find out about the chemicals, such as solder, adhesives, and solvents that you use in this plumbing job. Avoid exposure to waste water by wearing gloves, coveralls, washing your hands and decontaminating your equipment after use.

These are some tips to keep the plumbing in good condition, and therefore avoiding the moments in which plumbing has to be done, this way you will be exposed fewer times to plumbing risks. When people are looking for Temecula plumber, they always get the best service and safety conditions in the fixing that is being done.

1- Trash goes to the dumpster, not the toilet

We have the mistaken belief that everything we throw into the toilet will go down the drain. That’s why we throw away remains of cotton, rolls of toilet paper, pads and all kinds of disposable items. The truth is that sometimes these do not go away completely and obstruct the passage of water. The best thing is to have a small garbage bin in the bathroom, to throw the corresponding waste there.

2-The same applies to the kitchen sink

We must take special care when washing dishes, or cutting vegetables, so that garbage does not go down the drain. These food leftovers tend to accumulate and clog the pipes, causing an unpleasant odor. For this reason it is advisable to make sure to remove from the plates all the food so that they do not go through the drain. Another possible solution is to install a strainer, so that larger pieces do not cause trouble.

3- The problem of fat

Under all circumstances, it is necessary to avoid throwing fat down the drain. This sticks to the walls of the pipes and then the small pieces of food that pass when we wash the dishes get stuck there. It is recommended that once a week we throw a pot of boiling water to help fat melt and abandon the pipes. Periodically, we must pour half a cup of chemical yeast and half of alcohol vinegar to keep the pipes in optimal conditions. The recommendation is to throw the fat in a container and from there to the garbage bin.

4- Hanging heavy things from the shower

If you have some accessory hanging in the shower where you put the shampoos, creams and soaps, you better think about removing it. The weight of these items contributes to the bending and breaking of the shower pipes, which causes leaks.

5- Clean the plugs regularly

Once a week, remove all the plugs from the drains you have and clean them deeply. It is the main place where loose hair accumulates with bits of soap and it frequently clogs the drains.

If you are just buying a house, these pieces of advice will help you give a longer life to your pipes and sewer system. When it is time to fix something, remember to follow all the safety tips we have already mentioned. Gloves, helmets, and glasses have to be a priority in your safety list.

Having and keeping a home in the best conditions is not an easy job, sometimes you will have to take the wheel and fix things by yourself, and in some other occasions, you will call a professional to help you fix the problem once and for all.  There is always a group of experts ready to help you and get your home working again.