Plumbing Options for New Home Builders

Plumbing Options for New Home Builders

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New home builders have many things to think about when building their first home. There are so many things to take into consideration when building your first home that often times the small things get overlooked. The things most homeowners focus on are the things that can be seen, that are obvious to the eye. When building a home the primary focus becomes exterior and interior design, layout, look and feel, and livability. Rarely do first time builders give much thought about the plumbing, septic tanks, and the systems that function in the walls and behind the scenes. Plumbing, however, should be a primary focus right up there with paint color and roofing style. If the plumbing fails, the consequences could be catastrophic! Damage to the walls, floors, furniture, and irreplaceable family heirlooms are all possibilities.

Smart plumbing is actually a thing. We all have been consumed by smart electronics, smart TV, smart refrigerators, smart ovens, and smart washer & dryers. There are even smart solar hot water tanks that can be integrated into the plumbing system. Did you know that your plumbing can be installed “smart”? Imagine being able to start your shower from your mobile device before you ever crawl out of bed? What about water leaks? Would you like to be notified when your pipes spring a leak? Plumbing and plumbing technologies have advanced over the years and you no longer need to guess about the leaks in the wall and ground. You can receive notifications on your smartphone when your pipes start leaking underground or in the walls.

When building a new home you has options while the walls and floorboards are open to install exactly what you want, the problem is that most people don’t know what they want because they don’t know these things exist. Having smart plumbing features that allow you to run the water before getting out of bed and walking into a hot shower when you are ready is appealing to everyone; just not everyone knows those plumbing features are available.

Imagine that you are out of town for the summer and your water pipes burst, what do you do? With smart plumbing, you don’t need to do anything! There are emergency shut off features that will turn the water off for you so you can enjoy your vacation and return to your newly built home without fear of water damage. Clogged plumbing can be disastrous, as pipes clog and water backs up the results can be devastating. If you have smart plumbing to shut off the water as toilets overflow, it will buy you the time needed to find a clogged drain specialist that can show up, unclog the drain, and repair your problem before it ever becomes one.

If you are in the process of building a new home, renovating your current home, or remodeling a rental property, you should highly consider the luxuries of smart plumbing.  

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