Plate Lifter for Drywall

Plate Lifter for Drywall

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In drywall, a plate lifter is a valuable tool. This will let you lift the plates and position them. This is specifically with larger areas, it is avast workload. You can customize the panel lifter to fit large Rigips panels as well as OSB panels.

Other advantage

Another great advantage is that you can work alone, and no second person needs to hold the plasterboard. Because for this task; the plate lifter is finally there.

Work alone

You can easily and quickly assemble the plates lifter together and apart. So, it is easy to transport or move from floor to floor. With the biggest benefit is that you have both hands free. So, you can align the plate and screw without having to hold it permanently. 

That’s the structure

A plate lifter usually has a pedestal. This can be folded on many models, which is practically ideal in storage or during transport. There are few parts at the most to plug together. So, the setup is not complicated, and you do not need a special tool. 

What can you do with it?

You can make ceilings with plasterboard and roof-sloping roofs. The alignment of the panels is easier than with quick release supports. As a result, the lifter runs on wheels, an ideal tool for working with drywall products.


It is the opinion of many experts; a plattenlift is an ideal tool for drywall construction. It makes working with drywall easy and comfortable. Most owners are quite satisfied with their models and would buy it again, only difference would be to not cover more without planking.


Especially the alignment of the plasterboards is so much easier than without a lifter. Just make sure the floor is clean and level. Otherwise, the lift can be difficult to move or is “insecure”.

Easy to move

Because these units are so compact, when they are disassembled, a panel lifter is easy to transport and stow away. With Jumbo plate lifters you can also hang high ceilings.