Pest Control: Why Doing it Yourself May Not Work

Pest Control: Why Doing it Yourself May Not Work

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A bug or pest sighting in the home isn’t uncommon. Leaving a window or door open, the change of seasons, the area you live in, or the condition of your home can all be contributing factors. Getting rid of them is necessary as they often carry disease and take up shop in the home fairly quickly. Using natural home remedies, store-bought traps, sprays, and poisons, and trying to get rid of the problem on your own can work in some cases. Yet, what many homeowners come to find is that it’s best to call in the pros.

Why You Might Need the Pros

If your DIY remedies aren’t giving you much resolve, it is best to hire an exterminator in Kansas City or a pest control company near where you live. They have a clear understanding of the area, the types of pests that are common and may have the best solutions for preventing problems in the future.

But why aren’t your homemade remedies working to get rid of the unwanted guests in your home? There could be a lot of contributing factors. You’ll find the most common listed below:

You haven’t the slightest idea how serious it is – one reason your natural or DIY solutions may not be working for pest control is simple – you’re not fully knowledgeable in the extent of the problem. You may only see one or two ants and believe that spraying will do the trick. However, there could be an infestation in the home you’re not aware of causing the problem to never really be resolved.

You have no clue how smart pests are – unless you’ve been studying for awhile (or watching a boatload of Animal Planet), you have no idea how smart pests can really be. Insects and pests have a keen sense of smell that helps them to avoid a lot of the “traps” you set out for them. They use their sense of smell to navigate your home, stay organized, and communicate with other pests. This is likely why those glue traps you put down for the mice still have food on them, but no mouse.

You messed up somewhere  – you’ve got to take human error into account when trying to do your own pest control. From using the wrong source for information to failing to read instructions on a bait package, there are a lot of things you may have overlooked.

You haven’t found the cause or access point – You can keep using your natural home remedies to get rid of pests all you want, however, if you don’t figure out the cause of them being in your home and entry points they may be accessing, your problem will just come back.

Don’t Hold Off

Doing it yourself is often an enticing thought because it means you can save money on the cost of labor. However, if you’re trying your own homemade or store-bought remedies to get rid of the pests to no avail you don’t want to hold off much longer on contacting a pro. There could be a plethora of problems including:

Infestations – when you see one mouse that usually means there are more somewhere. Failure to contact a professional for extermination could result in an infestation which is more costly to fix.

Disease – pests are notorious for carrying diseases and infestations increase the likelihood of your family contracting something.

Bites – many insects bite and when they do it not only hurts and itches, but it can lead to rashes, illness, and a host of other health problems.

Property damage – if you let an insect like termites gain access to your home without doing anything about it, you can trust that you’ll have structural issues later. Not to mention mice easily make holes and chew through electrical wires which can lead to a house fire.

At the very first sight of a pest in your home, it is important that you act. You should use your best judgment to determine whether you should rectify the problem on your own or call in the pros. If you notice signs of an infestation, find that your family is falling ill, or notice property damage, however, you’ll want to act fast to avoid the consequences. Though you may not be keen on calling in the pros, the truth is they can save you time and money while keeping the things you care about most safe.