Perk Up the Patio

Perk Up the Patio

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It’s patio season and you might be looking at your outdoor area and thinking that everything looks a little tired. Unless you want to buy a while new patio set or even a whole patio renovation, you might want to take a look at some simple quick fixes to tide you over until you have the cash or DIY time to devote to the patio of your dreams.

  • Hide an ugly fence with lattice panels or bamboo fencing. Good fences may make good neighbors, but like your neighbors, some of them you just won’t want to see butt naked. Lattice panels installed at a six-inch standoff from the fence can make great trellises for gentle climbing plants like roses, clematis, or jasmine.
  • Power wash! Perk up tired paving, decking, house walls, and even patio furniture with a power wash to drive out weathered in grime. Take a moment to use a patio furniture cleaner spray to make things look like new – even if they’re not.
  • Hit the deck. Composite interlocking deck tiles can provide cover for a cracking concrete patio surface, while adding an outdoor rug can provide visual interest. Add a pop-up pergola or gazebo and you have a space that’s made in the shade.
  • Add a splash pad. A number of parents with young kids don’t want a swimming pool while the kids are little. A DIY splash pad can can bring the summer fun to you in your own back yard.
  • Create an “ugly corner” where the yard tools, trash cans, and kid’s toys can go. Better yet, get a Tuffshed and some lattice fencing, and put the stuff out of sight and out of mind.
  • Mow once per week, edge once per month. Keep your lawns looking neat and clean by keeping your grass in check. If the idea of mowing and watering and maintaining makes you dizzy, try a low-maintenance, low-water ground cover with some decorative pavers.
  • Paint the house. It’s a two for one deal – it makes the house look great from the front and the back.
  • Glow in the dark paint can solve some night time lighting issues. Paint it on planters and use it to coat the inside of mason jars, after basking in the sun’s rays all day, you can get two to three hours of bright white light. It comes in colors like green, blue, and pink, too.
  • Make your own stepping stones from concrete and personalize them. Mosaics with tiles, colored marbles, rounded river stones, or whatever you can find will make a unique path.

Great patio ideas don’t have to cost a lot of money, and your patio doesn’t have to look like a Home and Garden feature. Most of all, your patio should be about you, your friends and family, the good times and good memories that are going to be made in your own back yard. Dream big about that complete redo, but start small with some simple fixes that you will love just as much.

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