Orange County California

Orange County California

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As we have all heard by now the housing market in Orange County CA has heated up beyond belief.

With some cities like HB and Newport Beach seeing home prices rise by over 8% in the last 12 months (in some neighborhoods).

Now that spring has passed and summer is here some eager homeowners wonder if they missed their chance to cash in.

The answer is no, but you want to make sure your house is ready to sell before you prepare to list it.

Summer is Harder To Sell A Home:

Even though summer is more difficult to sell a home or condo (compared to spring) because people travel when kids are out of school.

The main thing to consider is getting your house prepped to sell by planning ahead and taking care of little things.

OC offers amazing weather in the summer, think about sunshine and 80 degrees daily, but with people traveling it’s hard to get buyers attention.

Price the house accordingly, or even below market and you’ll get the attention the house deserves.

Getting Your House Ready To Sell:

It seems like most people (unless it’s a $ Million home) just think they can find an agent, list their home and get top dollar.

But the truth is that there are a lot of steps that should go into getting your house ready to sell.

We found an in depth piece from the OC Dream about tips on getting a house in OC ready to sell – a lot of info to absorb.

The main steps are common sense, like keeping the curb appeal up, cleaning the house, and fixing little things.

Buyers don’t want to have a “list of to do’s once they get the keys to move in – unless it’s a flip type project.

Orange County Real Estate:

As a whole OC and its beach towns like Laguna, Dana Point, HB, etc., are well known for an expensive lifestyle and beautiful people.

With wealthy people flocking to the beach towns and even inland areas like Anaheim Hills, Fullerton, etc., the market as a whole is strong.

OC like the rest of America saw a huge drop in house prices after the crash of 2008, but in the last few years prices and consumer confidence has risen.

One thing about California is that people always want to live there – think Disneyland, skiing, LA Lakers and more.

So as the national economy bounces back and forth and home buyer confidence rises and falls, in the end people still want to live in California.


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