Open locked bedroom door – what to do before calling a locksmith

Open locked bedroom door – what to do before calling a locksmith

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Getting locked out of the bedroom is an unfortunate event to anyone. You may think it is not as bad as house lockout. But imagine you have most of your day to day things in the bedroom. Moreover, such an event can simply restrict your access to one of the most important rooms of your house.

There are enough reasons for you to want to open locked bedroom door as fast as possible. If waiting for a locksmith to arrive seems a nightmare, remember that local locksmiths arrive in less than 30 minutes. And if waiting for a locksmith to arrive is still unpleasant, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of getting inside the room.

Try to open bedroom door differently

As obvious this may seem, you need to try to open the bedroom door using a different approach. For example, you can press harder on the door handle while pulling the door. If you have old locks that have not been locked for a long time or even new locks that have been improperly installed, they can become dysfunctional.

This makes bedroom lockouts quite common among home owners. In this case, you need to have a different approach. Pay attention not to force the door too much. Apart from being locked out, you may end up paying to replace the entire lock if you do so.

Use lock picking techniques

If your bedroom door is truly locked, you can try some lock picking techniques. One of the most common is the bobby pin method. Using a bobby pin or any other object long and flexible enough to bend without breaking, you can manage to open bedroom door.

Insert the bobby pin inside the lock and bend it to form a 45 to 90 degree angle. Try to rotate and push the bobby pin. This is a cheap technique that will help you spare money when unlocking the bedroom doors. However, you still need to take care of the faulty lock afterwards.

Call a house locksmith

The last resort is, of course, the house locksmith. If no any other method works, it’s time to call a professional locksmith. Don’t worry about having to wait too much for him to arrive. Residential locksmiths arrive fast and are able to open locked bedroom doors as fast as possible. Why struggle another day when you can call a certified locksmith for home locks.

Using special picking tools, locksmiths can extract keys, if needed, or simply unlock the door. More importantly, they will produce the least amount of damage to your locks so that you don’t have to pay for repairing the door itself due to brutal methods of unlocking the door.

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