Natural Wood Is On Great Demand For Flooring And Furniture

Natural Wood Is On Great Demand For Flooring And Furniture

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Natural wood in recent times has become a growing choice of flooring for homes and even commercial and retail spaces. This development stems from the seeming calm and luster natural wood exudes when properly worked on and polished. When paired with modern furniture, the floor makes a statement of class and elegance, one that is warming its way into the hearts of many home owners and property developers. Some have even alluded that wooden floors have a therapeutic feel to them and as such they make for great flooring in establishment such as healing homes, spas and baths.

Natural wood not only finds its usefulness in today’s modern homes and spaces as floors but in also furniture and decorative pieces such as art carvings and works.

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The choice for natural wood is great but for it to continue to maintain its good looks, there is the need for a periodic maintenance regime to be implemented. So how do we maintain natural wood furniture and floors you may ask? Find a few tips below:

  1. You need to ensure that the surfaces are dirt free at all times. Allowing dirt, dust and debris settle on the surface of the wood will allow for scratches which destroys the beauty of the finish. Use a slightly damp feathered brush to always wipe clean the surface of the wooden furniture and for floors, a soft slight damp lint-free cloth or brush will do just fine. This should be done periodically, say, every day at least.
  2. Cleaning is also one way to maintain the good looks of your wood floor or furniture but please avoid all-purpose cleaners or polish. Also use water sparingly, only use mild soap and water where you have sticky smug that may seem difficult to clean using only a clean damp cloth. Cleaning with warm water, mild soap and a damp cloth will wipe dirt away from the surface, leaving the floor or furniture squeaky clean.
  3. To restore fading luster, you can make use of spray polish or wax with polyurethane base, silicon oil base is also a good recipe. Most furniture and floors are coated with this chemical and a reapplication will serve to further protect the wood surface from wear and scratches. Avoid the use of pure olive oil as if not used in the right proportion can create smear, attract dust and leave the furniture or floor very slippery.
  4. Use furniture wax to cover scratches and cracks. This product helps to protect the wood and gives it a longer life. Liquid wax is a little easier to apply but it only leave a very thin coat, I will suggest you use paste wax for a more thicker coat and longer lasting effect.
  5. Always use a dedicated vacuum cleaner for hard wood floors. Dyson has some amazing vacuum cleaner models like the V7 Total Clean, for example, and getting a great vacuum cleaner can reduce scratches and swirls appearing on your polished wood floors when hoovering them regularly. See more vacuum cleaner reviews here.

Your floor and furniture will only last as long as you are willing to continue to maintain it, so I suggest you follow this few tips to protect the wood and have it last as long as you want it to. Generations before, have left wooden antique heirlooms for their unborn generation and they had only lasted because those who left it, maintained it.

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