Natural stone or engineered version – Which is better?

Natural stone or engineered version – Which is better?

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Many of us love to use stone-made items for our household needs. For instance, you can look for stone countertops, sink and flooring for your house. However, while looking for the stone products, you may have heard two terms – Engineered and natural. These are two different versions of the available stones. Most of the users do not have the concept of these two types of stones.  While you like to invest in bespoke stone kitchen worktops, you have to know these facts.

Natural stones indicate those stones, which are obtained directly from the natural sources. Marble and granite are the common natural stones, though there are several other varieties, like travertine and quartzite.  The beauty of any natural stone is incomparable. While you have sealed it rightly, this stone can give you value for many years.

However, the problems with this stone are

  • Brittleness is one of the major issues to the users
  • Porous nature, absorbing water or liquid
  • Sealing and regular maintenance- both are essential. Sealing is important on every one or two years.
  • Juices and wine can cause stains on the surface.

Engineered stones – Why you have to choose them

The engineered version has lots of advantages, which may not be availed from natural stone

  • They are much tougher in nature, and thus, you can use it for your residential or commercial kitchen room.
  • The countertops, made of engineered stones, are simpler to manage.
  • They cannot get scratched or chipped easily. Moreover, they are water and stain-resistant.
  • They have also the high potential to endure high pH value. Thus, they may have any effect on the acidic components.

For all these reasons, engineered varieties are the better options for you.

The engineered version is also not without concern. Resin, present in your quartz countertop, may get faded or discolored in due course. The contact with heat also causes this type of concern. Thus, you have to maintain them at the right time.

To conclude, we like to say that both the versions are acceptable, considering your own choice. You may not find much price difference between them. Both of them have their unique beauty and loveliness. While you want to use the stone for kitchen room, you can choose the engineered ones. You have to speak to the countertop installers or stone sellers to have the best deal.