My Friend’s Year in The Hague and the Apartment She Found

My Friend’s Year in The Hague and the Apartment She Found

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My friend just got back to the USA after spending a year working at the World Court for the current US ad hoc judge setting on the court. And she told me moving to the Netherlands from the United States was not a painfully experience as some had pictured it to be, because of information the United Nations was able to give Nancy before she moved.

Egalitarian society

The Dutch strive to be an egalitarian society known for their liberalism, welcoming religions and having traditions from elsewhere. She felt quite comfortable there almost from the very beginning.


Of course, accommodation was the first thingthat Nancy needed to look for. The Hague has plenty of apartments that were furnished for rent and that was good for her. The accommodations were a nice standard of living for the year with the apartment being spacious with large windows as well as high ceiling.

Rental companies

Her first few days were spent working with rental companies for rental apartment The Hague

Advice from expats

Expats either rent or buy apartments in many styles and location to match their budget and there was an expat community in the area of the International World Court. It was also where amenities were, and new friends were close by. She loved the architecture with spacious rooms and large windows and high ceilings.

Be prepared

But she was forewarned that expats need to move quickly when they found an apartment they liked as good ones get snapped up quickly. She had been referred to rental agencies and told that she needed a month’s deposit and a month’s rent as a finder’s fee on top of other cost. But because someone knew about this and she had enough “cash on hand” to sign when she found what she like. She found a perfect one right in the area that she wanted – signed papers, and had the cash to get everything done quickly.

She got what she wanted

Nancy needed furnished, so furnished it was, with 1 bedroom and a large living area with good size kitchen. The company put down preferences and only showed her the relevant apartments, so it didn’t take long.

Get to know the neighbourhood

That was the one thing she was really worried about – so now she had some time before the first day of work to get to know the city and the neighborhood on her new bike.

Bike to work

Everyone rides bikes, so Nancy got one to get to work and back which was quite healthy. The rest of the time, public transportation helped.

Nancy told me that this was a wonderful year and she hated to see it end. If you ever get the chance to spend time in a foreign country – take it

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