Must Know Information about Asbestos

Must Know Information about Asbestos

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Asbestos is still a common hazardous product found in Sydney old homes. If the asbestos products are properly maintained in the homes and kept in good condition, then you don’t have to worry about toxicity. However, if the asbestos product breaks it then becomes very toxic as the particles are very light hence easily inhaled. Asbestos is known to cause life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

Asbestos is very common in Sydney old homes as it was widely used because of its appealing properties. Asbestos is cheap and famous for its insulation properties, sound absorption, fire resistance, and strength. Because of this, many houses built before 1982 especially in the 1950s and 1960s in Sydney has a high probability of containing asbestos.

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Laws governing asbestos removal

Due to the harmful nature of asbestos, the Australian government put in place laws that governed the removal and treatment of asbestos. When renovating or demolishing homes built before 1982, you are not only required to hire qualified personnel who are licensed by the Australian government, you should also apply for a building approval in the development application documentation.

The certified person is required to first do an inspection to determine all areas in and out of the home that has asbestos. He will then handle the removal of the asbestos professionally making sure that the material does not come into contact with anybody.

When you suspect asbestos covering of above 10 square meters, you are required to hire a class B licensed removalist. You should hire a licensed class A removalist if any friable asbestos is present.

Asbestos disposal

Disposal and treatment of asbestos are also required by law to be done by an approved and certified company. Asbestos occurs naturally in soil and rocks. Hence, it is put back in the ground. Through disposal in landfills which is the safest disposal method.

Asbestos can also be transformed to a harmless silicate glass through recycling. But this requires a thermal decomposition of asbestos in 1000 to 1250 degree Celsius and the end product becomes silicate an industrial manufacturing process, asbestos and waste containing asbestos can be subjected to a microwave heat treatment to make products such as porcelain stoneware tiles and ceramic bricks.

Geotech drilling and asbestos

Geotech drilling employs unique and advanced techniques which ensure that you get the best samples of soil from a construction site to taste for asbestos. This sampling is important as they determine whether the construction site is contaminated and if it is contaminated, experts further research to find answer the following questions.

  1. Will the asbestos contamination lead to environment degradation during construction?
  2. Will the contamination lead to or create a major construction impact?
  3. Will it create additional charges in the construction for a necessary clean up?

Geo tech drilling and soil contamination investigations are also often done before land is sold or change of lease.

Heavy fines are put in place for breaking the rules put in place concerning asbestos removal, treatment, and disposal in Sydney. You can pay up to $1 million when dealing with corporations and $250,000 for individuals.

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