Modern and Unique: 5 Latest Bed Designs You Need to Know

Modern and Unique: 5 Latest Bed Designs You Need to Know

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Along with this time of latest trends, people also want to ride the wave of the future in many ways, and one of them is by perfect furniture particularly beds, whatever it’s platform beds or other regular bed.. The latest bed designs today aim to cater the different needs and preferences of every person according to their size, gender, and medical needs.

If you are thinking about buying a new bed that will perfectly fit your taste and space, here are five latest unique bed design ideas for you.

Loft Bed

For people who live in a tiny flat or a house with a limited square foot of bedroom, every space is needed to be maximised to give space for storing all the stuff.

A loft bed is a solution for every space-saving purpose that your place needs. You can use the floor below the loft bed as a storage or a lounging area. You can also arrange your storage boxes, dressers, or even a study table in the wide space from lofting your bed.

There are a lot of loft beds that feature various designs and style, from a simple wooden design made of classic pine and oak wood to a modern minimalist design with a clean appearance.

More than its different kinds of contemporary designs which you can view online, this new and unique way of implementing space-efficient technique is what every bedroom with limited space needs to have.

Private Cloud

One of the trending beds named Private Cloud is here to rock your night away until you fall asleep. If there is a rocking chair that sways you to sleep, a rocking bed also exists.

Private Cloud is one of the unique bed designs that every interior designer has their eyes on today. As a matter of fact, this masterpiece has made its popularity all the way in a soap series on German television.

The bed doesn’t need a person always to keep the bed rocking, but even only a slight movement of the feet will cause it to swing. The bed can accommodate up to 6 people who are lucky enough to experience this patented rocking bed. This kind of bed focuses in providing a person with a pleasant, soothing and unwinding sleep.

Bookcase Bed

This unique kind of space-saving bed design is perfect for bookworms who live in tiny apartments without a bedroom and many standing bookshelves, and only has a little space for making a bed.

Unlike an ordinary folding bed that serves only one purpose, this bookcase bed serves two which is a combination of furniture and a bed. It has a jigsaw puzzle concept to be a part of the wall with its small box areas that form as bookshelves during the day. During night time, it becomes a bed by just removing down the bookcase while still keeping the bookcase and its contents on the wall.

With its colourful design and fun pop of colours, it works in combination with being a bookcase on the wall and a comfortable bed for the night.

DOC Sofa Bed

If you want to have a bedroom with a compact and multifunctional furniture, then the DOC sofa bed is the one for you.

This bed design can serve as a living room couch during the day and a double bunk bed for you or your guests during the night. With its convertible properties, it does not require extra strength, but it can quickly transform with just a simple movement.

It has a washable fabric which comes in different colours like red and orange and fully removable covers and wooden slatted base.

Modern Hammock Bed

One of the most relaxing ways to spend a night is to lie on a hammock under the moon near the beach. However, you do not have to wait for a beach vacation for a swing relaxation. With the modern hammock bed designs, you can now lay down on it in the comfort of your bedroom.

There are different styles, colours, and sizes that fit your taste and needs. Aside from having its calming vibe, it makes your room a unique one without having to buy an expensive grandeur bed to have a bedroom style that is apart from the norm. 


As people continue to rely on the changing time to function as they also begin to have changing needs, the latest innovations also improve to cope up with this, especially in making people’s lives more convenient than before.

More than just a modern, peaceful, and comfortable bed, it is now a calling today to have a compact, space-efficient, and multifunctional mattresses that can be helpful in making convenience in everyday life.

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