Metal Roofing Buying Guide – Pros & Cons

Metal Roofing Buying Guide – Pros & Cons

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When you are in a house, you must feel at home, and the roof of the house contributes chiefly towards this end.  During the last two decades, people have been opting more and more for metal roofing.  To meet the increasing market demand, a wide range of metal roofing material is available in the market. Therefore, a comprehensive metal roofing buying guide is essential for you to make the right choice.

The primary metal roofing materials are steel and aluminum. Since steel is subject to atmospheric corrosion, they are galvanized. The main advantages include qualities such as fire resistance, longevity, ease, and speed of installation. However, aluminum being a soft material is prone to bending and denting. It is also expensive compared to steel. In general, metal roofing has its advantages and disadvantages. You should, therefore, be aware of the pros and cons of metal roofing.

Pros of Metal Roofing


Most manufacturers of metal roofing materials offer warranties for periods varying between 20 to 50 years. The materials may last for more than the guaranteed periods. They can survive high winds, seal out water, can easily shed snow and resist fire, insects, mildew, and rot.


Concrete roofing weighs around 900 lbs. Per 100 square foot and the tile roofing, 750 pounds.  Compared to this, metal roofing weighs only 50 to 150 lbs. Per square 100 square feet.  Because of the light weight, you will be required to use less number of roof support members, thus saving cost.

Faster Installation

A standard roofing sheet comes in the length of 12 feet and width of 3 feet. Thus, by installing a single sheet, 36 square feet is covered. In case your roof has been stripped of due to a storm, you can complete the whole process of repairing, within a day or two.

Fire Resistance

Most resistant fire rating is Class A. The metal roof materials are mostly Class A. and thus provide absolute resistance to fire and combustibility.

Heat Conduction

As the metal reflects the radiant heat of the sun, you can save energy required for air conditioning during the day. Some system use dead-air space between the roof deck and metal for increasing the energy efficiency.

Minimized Roof Pitch

The roof rises 3 inches for each horizontal pitch. Because of the gently pitched roofs, leaking potential is minimized.

Maximum Shedding

Since the metal surface is hard and slippery, it is impervious to rain and snow and can shed them perfectly.

Cons of Metal Roofing


The cost is $150 to $600 per 100 square feet and is equivalent to other premium materials. However, the longevity and recurring maintenance cost provide the edge over others.


The steel shingles make a lot of noise during hail storm or rainstorm. This can be avoided by applying sound-dreading insulation or plywood sheathing.

Expansion and Contraction

This may cause the fasteners to become loose, particularly during hot days.

After weighing the pros and cons of metal roofing, you will be convinced that going in for it is particularly suitable if you live in the snowy environment.

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