Material handling and fall protection solutions

Material handling and fall protection solutions

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There are many workers working in manufacturing industries living their lives in danger because there are no appropriate fall protection systems. If you check the data you can check that deaths of the most of the workers on the work site are just because of fall. Sensible manufacturers are taking service of professionals who provide them a collection of services for fall protection. They provide you well trained and experienced team members that will assist you with your fall protection project.

Services provided by material & fall protection solutions

Design and engineering: M.H.I. pros has been working for a long time in this field and providing material handling and fall protection solutions. This company hires professional engineers in order to provide their customers designed and engineered solutions. They use latest technologies and software to design their fall protection solutions. As soon as the clients place an order they start to generate an agreement to build drawing.

Fabrication and medication: The material handling and protection solution companies have certified AWS welders and qualified instigators that allow them to provide the best solutions for specifications requested by their clients. They provide you the excellent solutions for fall protection through the project.

Fall protection system installations: The companies have a well trained team that enables them to provide you the best fall protection system installation service. They are very flexible with time. They can come very early and can stay late in order to get the installation completed. There are dedicated to providing their client’s service without impacting their client’s production. The team of experts is aimed to provide a safe installation. For this, they come with personal safety equipment and inspected and well-maintained installation equipment and tools.

 If the clients are convenient, they can make installation complete during plant shut downtime or holiday.

 Besides above-mentioned service, they also provide some additional services such as safety products, periodic inspection, and preventive maintenance. They also provide safety and operative training.