Marvelous Marble: Choosing The Right Finish for Floors

Marvelous Marble: Choosing The Right Finish for Floors

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Marble is one of the most sought-after materials to feature in your home – whether it’s for use in the bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere. But did you know that there are at least three great options to pick from when it comes to choosing the finish for the floors?

The appearance of marble is its primary appeal as it comes in a wide range of colors and its natural quality means that no two pieces of marble will ever look identical. It also transmits light, so it can help make rooms with lots of natural light appear even brighter and move inviting.

Cost is usually the main reason people opt against using marble, because its price far outpaces other substances like granite or travertine. Marble is also more prone to staining – so it will require sealing with chemicals to prevent against such damage – and scratching, which might be a concern if used in heavily used areas like the bathroom or kitchen.

For designers willing to accept the potential drawbacks and use marble tile for their flooring projects, the next important choice after overall style of marble is selecting the right finish. Honed, polished, and tumbled are the three most popular finishes.

Polished Finish

As the name suggests, a polished finish will give the marble a shiny and glossy look and the finish will act to some extent to protect against scratches – although it’s not recommended for use in areas that get a lot of foot traffic because the chance of damage from scratches increases. In addition, if water spills onto a polished marble floor then it will become very slippery, which is a major reason why a polished finish should not be used in the bathroom where wet floors are common. Nevertheless, it remains a great choice in other rooms or particularly for countertops.

Honed Finish

A honed finish is not as glossy as a polished finish and has a less-reflective appearance that is smooth-feeling, and can make the overall colors of the marble more muted than other finishes. But it has some benefits including that it’s perfect for use in rooms that get a lot of foot traffic because it’s far less prone to scratches, and it will be less slippery when water is spilled. However, it’s also more prone to stains and therefore it needs to be sealed in order to prevent against such damage.

Tumbled Finish

If neither a polished finish nor a honed finish appeal to the homeowner, consider a tumbled finish for the marble floor. Expect the overall color scheme to be less prominent than the two finishes listed above, but with a soft, worn-down edge that has an appealing and natural appearance. It’s also the least likely of the three options to get dangerously slippery when wet.

The natural beauty of marble is the main reason that so many homeowners are eager to have marble tile floors, as they look wonderful and have a timeless quality – and choosing the right finish from the three categories above is the best way to ensure you benefit from choosing marble.

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